KU AD Sheahon Zenger Talks With KU Radio Personality Bob Davis at Halftime

Jan. 2, 2011


Kansas Athletics Director Sheahon Zenger Quotes

January 2, 2011

On being named Athletic Director

“I’m the happiest man on earth today, and it is so nice to be coming home. Not only did you (Bob Davis) call my high school football games, but I grew up listening to you with my ear glued to the radio. I cannot wait to get to Lawrence tomorrow afternoon.”

On how acquainted he is with the coaching staff at Kansas:

“Probably more than people would know, it’s a small coaching fraternity, and having been one myself for years, I admire Coach Self from afar and up close. He and I have shared some hiring’s back and forth. Coach Gill is a great man, Rich Price, Bonnie Henrickson, and all the other coaches know that I’m excited to get to Lawrence. The quality of coaches was one of the attractions for me.”

On the athletic facilities:

“When I come back to Kansas during the summer, I always tour through the campus, and I admire what has gone on. So much good has happened through the years. I grew up on 21st street in Lawrence, Kan., and some of my earliest memories are watching basketball and football in Allen Fieldhouse and from the hill. Names like Bobby Douglas, Darnell Valentine were heroes in my youth – and it couldn’t get any better than that.”