Bill Self Press Conference Quotes, 1-3

Jan. 3, 2005


Jayhawk Basketball Weekly Press Conference

Head Coach Bill Self
Comparing the Texas A&M offense and the KU offense:
“They are executing what we run and what they run better than we have. They like to run the high low stuff, so we have to take that away. We have not run that much lately, but we will when we get all of our pieces back.”

On KU’s three-point shooting against Georgia Tech:
“We shot better in the second half. We have good shooters, especially when we have Alex out there, who can space the floor. The thing that was encouraging to me was that Keith and Aaron shot the ball so well behind the arch. That is something that will make us better, if you have to defend those guys when they are hot on the perimeter, it makes them better drivers and will certainly open up the post for Wayne (Simien) when he gets back. Those guys in particular shot the ball well.”

On Alex Galindo taking advantage of the increased playing time:
“I think Alex has taken advantage of the opportunity. I thought that C.J. did some good things the other day. I thought that his fouls for the most part were good fouls and he got a couple of blocks. I’m not sure about this, you might have to add this up, but if you include Christian, because he is technically a walk-on, our freshmen played 100 minutes against Georgia Tech. So they all got good minutes in crucial parts of the game. Alex has stepped up and probably had the most opportunity. If we are going to play small, we are going to play Alex. He has made the most of his chance, there is no doubt about that.”

On Galindo’s playing time:
“Well, we are playing small with four perimeter players around one guy, as opposed to three around two. The biggest thing that he is doing is rebounding the ball. He is also playing good post defense. He held his own on post defense and rebounding the ball while he was in there. He probably gets as many rebounds a game as anybody on our team. He is a good offensive rebounder, he only had one against Georgia Tech, but he is a good offensive rebounder. He just has a natural nose for the ball. Some guys like Wayne (Simien), you look up and they’ve got 12. Alex isn’t going to be one of those guys who gets 12 in a game, but he is one of those guys that the ball seems to find him. He is not scared to lead with his nose, he is in there battling and scraping. He is not the strongest guy in the gym, he is getting stronger, but he is certainly playing tough. I think C.J. is like that too, he isn’t that strong but he is certainly in there battling. Good things usually happen when you do that.”

On playing against his former assistant coach Billy Gillispie:
“It has happened three times to me at Tulsa and going back to Oral Roberts. It is no fun coaching against assistants. I talked to Billy last night. I will really enjoy seeing him and so will my family before and after the game, but during the game our job is to beat him and his job is to beat us. It will not be enjoyable. Plus he knows me better than I know me and I know him better than he knows himself in a lot of ways. So there will not be any secrets or anything like that.”

On how he hired coach Gillispie:
“I got the job at Tulsa and didn’t know what I wanted to do. I asked three guys that I really knew well who knew the state of Texas. I asked who is the best recruiter in the state of Texas and everybody said Gillispie at Baylor. I did not know him, I had met him, but I didn’t know him. We had a talk on the phone on night, it was like July 26, he called me and said that he wanted the job. We talked about it and about 15 minutes later I told him I’ll bring him in for an interview and he said, `Coach we have work to do, I don’t need to interview if you are going to hire me, hire me.’ I asked if he wanted to see his office and the facilities and he said that he didn’t care about that, so I hired him on the phone right there that night and we shipped him out some Tulsa t-shirts and he was recruiting for Tulsa. He is a remarkable guy and he will generate interest and energy. They made a great hire.”

On giving Coach Gillispie advice about taking the Texas A&M job:
“I told him he had to do it, because that is where he is at his best. He is walking into a perfect situation where they were struggling and he could go in like he did at UTEP and get that thing turned around quickly, I just thought that was a perfect situation. He was left a good situation, a team that could have easily beat Maryland in the NCAA Tournament, they lost by a basket. He loved those players down there and the people were good to him. But I thought this was one that if he didn’t take it he would regret it, because he has a chance to make them into a perineal NCAA Tournament team year in and year out.”

On Texas A&M’s Antoine Wright:
“I think that he and the whole team is playing with a great sense of purpose and sharing the ball. Antoine is averaging something like 18 points a game and he is taking good shots. He is probably averaging more points and he is probable taking more shots, he has really matured and Billy tells me he is really a joy to coach.”

On senior Wayne Simien’s recovery from injury:
“I talked to Wayne today and told him thanks that I only had to answer about 25 phone calls about what you said the other day. He said I’m sorry coach, I’m just ready. I know he’s ready, but we have to let mother nature take its course and hopefully he’ll get back. I don’t think there is a steadfast rule that it has to be this long or that long, but as a general rule that it takes this long, so I think that anything other than what we have set earlier is wishful thinking.”

On the beginning of conference play being a new chapter to the season:
“Yeah, there is the preseason, conference play and the post season, so there are three season the way we divide it up. I told our guys after the Tech game it was a great win and everything, but season starts on Wednesday. I really believe that. The Georgia Tech game was important, but to me it is not as important as the A&M game. That is a goal we have, to win our league and in order to do that, you are much better off if you win your games at home.”