Jan. 8, 2005

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Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“In the second half, we lost our poise and composure. Offensively, we took some bad shots without anyone rebounding. The most disappointing thing is that we lost our poise tonight. We struggled defensively in the second half. You have to give Kansas State credit, they came out and played aggressively. They (Kansas State) made a run and we didn’t answer. We (Kansas) responded in the first half, but were unable to respond in the second half. In this league, whether it is Kansas State, Texas or Iowa State, we can’t play just 25 minutes. We will learn from this and grow from this loss. We patted each other on the back and we will take something from this game. These players take ownership for everything that happens and we will not make excuses. We will do a better job next time and learn from our mistakes.”

On Crystal Kemp:
“We tried to get some passes inside to her working the high-low set and she was getting double-teamed. With our poor passing decisions and Crystal getting into foul trouble, we couldn’t accomplish much. When we would get a pass to her, she would be too far underneath the basket. Her positioning wasn’t very good and that didn’t help us tonight.”

On team fatigue in the second half:
“I don’t think that depth was an issue for us tonight. We weren’t physically tired as much as we were mentally tired. Losing your poise and composure is not a physical thing as much as a mental thing and we can control that.”

On the crowd:
“There was a great energy out there tonight. It was good to see all of the crimson and blue. I understand that K-State travels well, so my hat is off to them. They (Kansas State) love their program. It won’t be long before Kansas will be like that as well.”

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On the team’s fatigue:
“We were doing pretty well until it became more of an up-and-down game. We found ourselves rushing. We were trying too hard and not letting things come to us naturally.”

On her offensive performance:
“I found it difficult to get much going offensively. It was hard for me to even catch the ball at first, but when I did get the ball, I was rushing too much. I was not really there as an offensive threat for us tonight. Kansas State was doing a good job of stopping our first and second options all night and we found ourselves taking bad shots.”

Freshman Forward Taylor McIntosh
On the game:
“We felt like we were doing pretty well in the first half. We were rebounding well and executing our plays. We fell apart in the second half. There were a lot of times that we would just throw up a shot with the shot clock winding down in the second half.”

On guarding Kansas State’s Kendra Wecker:
“She was the toughest player I have guarded all year. She can penetrate and spot up anywhere on the court. I just tried to stay between her and the basket and that worked pretty well in the first half. I knew it was going to be hard, but I just tried to play the best that I could.”

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On the team’s pre-game attitude:
“Personally, I had too much adrenaline going. We were all pumped up for the game and we really did not want Kansas State to win the game. We never really worried about the K-State fans, we knew we had to play.”

On playing against Big 12 opponents:
“We are going out and fighting every night. It doesn’t matter who our opponent is, whether they are in the top-25 or top-10. We want to come out and get a win no matter who we are facing and in a way we are trying to prove a point that we are not the old Kansas teams.”

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson
On Shana Wheeler:
“We had some really great play from Shana Wheeler. She was just a monster on the defensive end of the floor. She held her own in terms of staying in our offense and offensive execution. She didn’t give a lot of boards, but defended true to everything she was asked to do. It was exciting to see her step up in a challenging environment.”

On the enthusiasm after a loss at Iowa State:
“We definitely needed to be amped up. It was extremely disappointing not being able to finish (at Iowa State) and not having brought the intensity and having the defense that is so important in this league. I think our team really responded from a pride’s prospective, pride in the program and pride in what we are capable of doing. In terms of competing hard, competing doesn’t necessarily ensure a win. You want to leave the floor feeling like you’ve competed hard, and much of that comes from the defensive side of the floor.”

On the first half:
“It was something that honestly didn’t surprise me. I felt it would take a few minutes to handle the environment and taking the challenge of the hangover from the Iowa State game and getting it off their shoulders. We pressed a little bit and we were a little uncertain in our early our offensive possessions. They (Kansas) had hot hands early and were good at identifying the open shooter. (Kaylee) Brown was stroking it with great confidence. I felt like we had to keep plugging away and keep our wits and our heads about us and good things would happen. Possession by possession we were going to get through the game.”

Freshman Forward Shana Wheeler
On guarding Crystal Kemp:
“One of my main focuses on defense was defending Kemp and stopping her from making easy baskets. I just had to work hard and Coach Ethridge was saying don’t play one-spot defense and to stay active. I was just trying to move and use my quickness to stay around her and not let her get easy baskets. I just tried keep the least amount of contact on her as I could. I tried to stay around her and move around her on defense.”

Senior Forward Kendra Wecker
On going 4-0 at Allen Fieldhouse:
“It’s pretty exciting. I give a lot of the credit to our fans. They are great, coming on the road and supporting us. Luckily for us, it was a Saturday game this year, so we drew some more fans that way. Coming in here and getting a streak like that on the road anytime, in the Big 12 getting four consecutive road wins is big. I think that it contributes to our team and the approaches that we take every time we’ve come in here to not let the distractions like the in-state rivalry affect us. We stayed committed and focused.

On winning after a loss to Iowa State:
“To come in and play like we did, especially in the second half, brightened things up for us. Knowing we can play like this on the road, we have two or three home games in front of us, and hopefully we can pick up three more wins. Its game by game in this league, and everyone knows that. We just have to stay committed to each other, committed to offense and play like we did in the second half tonight.”