Kansas 57, Texas Tech 61 Postgame Quotes

Jan. 8, 2011

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Texas Tech 61, Kansas 57

Jan. 8, 2011 – Allen Fieldhouse

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On losing to Texas Tech:

“It is a disappointing loss at home but it’s not time to panic. We lose a tough one at home and we got two big ones on the road so we have to bounce back. That’s the challenge of this league.”

On her team’s defense:
“They (Texas Tech) shot 28 percent in the first half and 53 percent because they were shooting lay-ups. They just spread us out and played us one-on-one. A large part of post defense is ball pressure, and we didn’t pressure the ball and gave up clean looks inside.”

On bouncing back after a loss:

“We did it after a tough loss at Michigan and then played Alabama at home awfully well, so that’s where myself, the staff and the upperclassmen have to lead. We just have to figure out what we need to fix, get our heads together and bounce back.”

On her team’s free-throw shooting:

“We went nine-for-18 from the free-throw line and shot fifty percent. I have said it all year that we haven’t been this bad from the free throw line.”

On opening up conference play:

“They (Texas Tech) turned up the heat and we got soft. Your margin for error in this league is very small.”

Junior forward Aishah Sutherland

On KU’s play in the second half:

“We played hard and then in the second half I don’t know what happened to us. The stats show that they had way more points in the paint in the second half than we did. I think we just laid back and thought it would come easy.”

On the point when the game began to slip away:

“When they started scoring and getting on that run. We started slipping screens and they started getting all those points in the post, and that’s when it started slipping away.”

On the speed at which the game’s momentum changed:

“It happened fast. It’s like in the blink of an eye, you look at the scoreboard it was eight and then it’s three and then before you know it, they’re up.”

On why the offense struggled in the last five minutes:

“We were trying to pass it and get it in the paint but we kept turning it over, and that’s when they went on that run.”

Sophomore forward Carolyn Davis

On why KU’s defense struggled late in the game:

“We weren’t pressuring the ball and defending one-on-one, we were struggling with that. We were letting them get easy buckets. We weren’t shifting over to the help side and that’s how they kept getting easy lay-ups.”

On what the team needs to work on before their first road games:

“I think we just need to stay together as a team first off. We can’t get too down on this game. We need to learn to defend better one-on-one and do it every day in practice. We need to come into these road games knowing it will be a fight just like this one was.”

On how KU got its lead in the first half:

“I just think that we were fighting. We wanted to put them away and that’s what we talked about and we did that, but we just failed to do that in the second half.”

Sophomore guard Angel Goodrich

On the lead slipping away late in the game:

“I saw it slipping away, it was kind of a back and forth type thing, but we can’t look at it that way. We need to be able to keep our momentum and take another punch and not get down on ourselves.”

On the last play of the game:

“We were looking to get a quick score and coach said we needed to attack the rim. So I saw an open lane because they kept cutting me off on the right so I tried to go left. Then she came up on me and I kind of let go and couldn’t grab it back. So I’m a little upset that I did that and turned it over, it kind of kills me that I did that.”

On keeping the younger players confident coming of this loss:

“Just pushing them in practice and letting them know that this league is tough and we can’t dwell on this and we need to bounce back. We just need to take one game at a time.”

Texas Tech Head Coach Kristy Curry

On what she told her players after the game:

“I told them in the locker room that I’ve been to three Final Fours and I’m not sure I’ve been as proud of a bunch kids as far as the character and the heart that they showed.”

On getting a road win:

“It’s just priceless. This is what you have to do on the road. I told our team we turned the corner tonight. This bunch we just want to win every game. There’s no running from the fact that any time you can get one on the road it’s huge”

On what a big win like this will do for support for her team going forward:
“To do this in front of this crowd this team deserves a crowd at United Spirit Arena this week. We appreciate everybody that’s been coming. Up to this point, I think we could have had a little more. To do what this bunch of kids did tonight I think they deserve it.”