Post Meet Quotes

Jan. 7, 2012


Post Meet Quotes
January 7, 2012
Lawrence, Kan.

Head Coach Stanley Redwine
His thoughts on the team’s performance:
“Although we had some good performances individually, as a team, I feel like we’re still a little rusty. We’re going to have to get better. Over the holidays, obviously some of the athletes didn’t do all of the workouts they were supposed to do, and it showed today. We just need to get back to training and get fit.”

On Diamond Dixons day:
“She had a great day. She PR’d in the 60 (meters). She PR’d in the 200 (meters) and ran a great leg on the 4×4. What can’t you say about her. She’s going to be really good and she did a really good job today. I was really excited with her performance today.”

On the status of the team after the first two meets:
“It really depends on different individuals but overall we have to get better. The month off that we had was a long time. We have to get back in condition. We have to get back to being race-fit. When those things happen, we’ll be a much better team. Although we had some really great performances today, I would consider them average. We need to be better than average.”

On the dual meet next week with Missouri:
“I’m looking forward to it but it’s just another meet to me. I understand it’s Missouri and that it’s a huge rivalry, but in the bigger scheme of things, I want our team to be at their best at the NCAA meet and at the Big 12 meet. I want to win the meet and all the athletes want to win the meet, but I would much rather win the NCAA (National Championships). We have to pick and choose where we’re going to put the emphasis of the team.”

KU sophomore Sprinter Diamond Dixon
On her performances:
“I was a little nervous before the 60 (meters) but I just tried to stay confident. Once I got in the blocks I just remembered what my coach said, ‘Just drive out as fast as you can, as long as you can and just pick it up.’ I really surprised myself. I didn’t expect to win the 60 (meters) because my teammate (Denesha Morris) is really fast and has been killing me in practice all the time. It was a good feeling and I’m happy about it. In the 200 (meters), I was just praying that I could get through that because it’s a little longer but I really surprised myself in that too because last year I ran a 25.00 200 meters so I feel good. I feel like I’m ahead of the game now so I just need to keep pushing it and I’ll be alright.”

On her training regimine since returning from the break:
“Coach Redwine has been working us so hard this last week. All my training has been 600 meters and 800 meters so I was surprised when he told me I was running the 200. Other than that it’s just been really tough endurance work; running up hills. He’s keeping it challenging for us.”

On where her 4×400-meter relay team stands at this point in the season:
“I feel like we’re in really good position because we have someone who hasn’t even ran the 4X4 yet and she’s going to be really good too. To run 3:44 without her is good, we wanted to run a little faster today. Competition is a key too. I think we’re in line to run some pretty good times this year.”

On how she feels about the meet next week with Missouri:
“I’m a competitor and I get embarrassed when I lose so when I go over there, I’m there to win and to fight and do whatever I have to do to win. As far as my team, I feel like we’re going to do really well. I like the rivalry though. I’m a competitor and what’s the point of running track if you’re not competitive.”

KU freshman high jumper Colleen O’Brien
On her first place finish in the high jump…
“I was feeling pretty good coming out there today and I was sick earlier in the week, so I did not know how that would affect me. I put that all behind me and just wanted to jump and do my thing, so I felt confident.”

On her goals for the rest of the season…
“I want to try to keep getting first and keep going up the ladder. 5-11 is my next goal and then six foot hopefully in the near future.”

On the addition of high jumper Allison Mayfield to the team…
“Today was the first time we actually met and talked. I am glad I have a partner out there competing with me and hopefully pushing each other, so it will be good to have her.”

Jayhawk senior Allison Mayfield
On her second place finish in the high jump…
“I am just happy I made a couple of heights. I was pretty nervous during my first couple jumps but I thrilled with how it ended up because I could not have asked for any better, finishing second.”

On not competing in the event since high school…
“I was really nervous before jumping because I have not done this for three and a half years. I practiced one time a couple days ago and it kind of was like riding a bike. It came back pretty naturally, so I was excited about that because I was afraid it was not going to be so easy.”

On similarities between playing volleyball and competing in the high jump…
“It is kind of similar because you are jumping off on two feet as an outside hitter and is like a slide approach behind the setter, which I ran a couple of times. Jumping off one foot is definitely about the power, getting up in the air. Jumping is jumping though.”

Kansas senior Rebecca Stowe
On her win in the 3000 meters…
“I went out fast like I was supposed to but I could not really hang on. I think that will come with more of the season and strength.”

On being three seconds off the pace of the indoor event record…
“I would have liked to get it, but I did not honestly know it was. Coach (Redwine) and I had kind of talked about it before and he said something about them (the records) being wiped clean because it was a new place. It just was not all there to get it today.”

On her race plan heading into the event…
“I wanted to go out at a five minute pace and try to hold that. The NCAA auto is 9:14, so I still have a lot of work to do before I am quite there but I feel like I am in a good place right now.”

Kansas junior Kathleen Thompson
On finishing first in the mile run…
“It was really about effort today because of coming back from winter break and training for the meet. I felt like I competed well and finished strong. I just need to keep competing the way that I did today.”

On her race plan…
“I knew that there were not many girls in it (from KU) and it was just my teammate Maddie (Madison Moser) and I, so we just figured we would stay together because we train together in the same group. We just wanted to go out there and push it hard.”