Bill Self Press Conference Quotes, 1-11

Jan. 11, 2005


On the injury situation:
“Keith (Langford) did not practice today, but did some light jogging and shooting. Hopefully he will be able to go. Christian (Moody), can barely walk on his ankle right now. Wayne (Simien) is the same as it was. There is a chance he could play tommorow, but we are going to wait and see. Russell (Robinson) is fine and Sasha (Kaun) had a successful root canal.”

On Wayne Simien’s status:
“If it was up to Wayne, he would have played against Kentucky. They say each day is very valuable and he is doing well. Just because Christian and the guys are beat up, it will not play a factor in if Wayne plays or not. Today is the first day he has done anything, not really contact stuff but at least he was in there. He was in there playing live, but we told everyone not to hit him. He seemed to be fairly comfortable, but I would say he is doubtful for tommorrow.”

On the recent development of the younger players:
“It has been very beneficial. It has been great. It is going to help our team in the end. I think Sasha, C.J. (Giles) and Alex (Galindo) have got some confidence from Wayne being out. Darnell (Jackson) hasn’t played as much of late, but is still getting six or seven minutes a game. It has been good for them. I know we are a lot better team with Wayne in there. With Wayne and Alex in there together now, it gives us five scorers on the court. I think we have some different pieces against man and zone that we can put in there to make us better.”

On Moulaye Niang’s role:
`I think he fits in just like Darnell and Sasha. He is probably our best post defensive player because he has good feet and he is a veteran. He hasn’t played a lot, but he has been out there. He would probably do some things that the younger guys would be nervous about at the end of the game. I think he is important. We may play six big guys. I would like to play four, but he is certainly in our plans.”

On Iowa State:
“They are 25-1 at home since Wayne (Morgan) has been there as the head coach. They are undefeated there this year and have a couple of impressive wins. They are very comfortable at home. They are faboulous in transistion. Usually teams that are good in transisition get the home crowd behind them. They are about as good in transition as any team we will play this year. Stinson and Blaylock are about as good as anyone in our league. I think they may have the best true low post player in our league as well. They have inside and outside strength as well as complimentary players that do a good job. If you look at the stat sheet, they have three guys taking a majority of the shots and everybody understands who should be taking a majority of the shots. They play hard and tough and I think they are pretty good. They could have beat us twice last year, very easily. Stinson is going to get his. We will try to take away some of their strengths and play percentages.”

On additions to the roster:
“We have an addition to our team. Roderick Stewart is here and is admitted and enrolled. He is a part of our basketball team.”

On the play of J.R. Giddens:
“I think he is pressing right now. He is 0-12 in his last two games from three-point range. We know he is a great shooter, he will make shots. We need him to make shots against teams that play zone and Iowa State will play zone. I think he will be fine. He went to the basket a couple of times against Kentucky. He has been doing good things in practice. Sometimes shooters don’t make shots. He hasn’t been streaky in his career yet. This is the first time he has had a slump, but I am sure he will bounce out of it. He just needs to play.”

On the possibility of a different lineup against Iowa State:
“These guys were all recruited to Kansas because they can play. No matter what happens we are going to Ames with the intent of being successful.
We gotta be a little more focused, take away all transition and we got to do some things to fill the void. That is why they were recruited here.”

On Darnell Jackon’s declining minutes:
“He is not playing because we are playing C.J. and Sasha and the emergence of Alex. I would say early on, Darnell was playing the best of the three big guys. I think C.J. is coming fast and Sasha is playing well. I think Darnell will play, but I have said all along, it is whoever is playing best.”

On the Kentucky game:
“I thought in the second half we played great. If you score 44 points on their floor without Wayne, that is great. We showed remarkable poise. That is what pleases me the most.”