Postgame Quotes

Jan. 14, 2009

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 75, Missouri 58

Jan. 14, 2009

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On Kansas’ overall performance:

“I thought our effort offensively was really good early. We took advantage of some miscues early on Missouri’s end. We made the right passes. A lot about making plays is who to throw it to, where should you throw it and when to feed it. I thought our kids did a nice job. We missed Kristen (Boogaard) a lot in the first half. I think she only got three shots. I thought she was open a lot in transition and I thought she ran really hard. We made good decisions. As far as turnovers, there are no more bad shots at Kansas. Just shoot it before you turn it over. Just get it up off the rim and see if we will rebound it.”

On Kansas’ defensive effort:

“I thought we did a nice job. Give Missouri credit. We made some mistakes. The only reason they got their three-pointers is because we mess up guard-to-guard. Other than that, I thought we played passing lanes pretty well. We started to foul in the second half, but I thought we played with a bit more toughness. We played more active defensively because Missouri has a lot of kids who can score in their program.”

On the performances of Nicolette Smith and Sade Morris:

“I thought those two took it personal with how good (Jessra) Johnson and how good (Alyssa) Hollins are. Those two had that match-up most of the evening, and I thought they stepped up on both ends. I’m proud of them on the defensive end because those two kids are talented. Their effort and their tenacity just became more contagious. That was a pretty good match-up of two talented kids.”

Sophomore forward Nicollette Smith

On shooting well from the three-point line:

“Tonight I was just feeling it. I guess three-pointers are just my thing. I’m not surprised at all.”

On being surprised at open threes:

“I was surprised because we’ve been running that transition set all week. I figured they would have defended it better.”

On her three-pointer at the buzzer:

“They passed to me and I didn’t even know how much time was left until I heard the crowd. I just looked up and knew I had to do it. It was crazy because a few practices ago Bonnie (Henrickson) made us work on shots like that off the dribble.”

Junior guard Sade Morris

On her and Nicollette stepping up today

“That’s what great teams do. If your best player is having trouble scoring, someone else needs to step up. If we can all get on the same page then we will play a good game and we will be hard to beat.”

On what made her so effective:

“I just came to play. I was relaxed and it was easy for me. I just executed.”

Missouri Head Coach Cindy Stein

On the game:

“We didn’t rebound well, our offense execution was horrendous, and I think you have to give credit to the other team for that. Kansas did a great job tonight. They shot the ball extremely well. They got some open looks they shouldn’t have and we had a lot of miscommunication early. Kansas did the job. They rebounded extremely well. They put a lot of pressure on us offensively and we didn’t do the little things to take care of business.”

On the poor offensive execution:

“I just thought we made really poor decisions tonight. Our passing was off. Our screens were not in place and we didn’t use our screens. It’s hard because the little things we talk about and did well all year we just didn’t do tonight for whatever reason. I guess you have to give Kansas credit for that.”

On the momentum of the game:

“We couldn’t get anything rolling our in favor. You have to create your own opportunities though too. Our defensive pressure didn’t really come on until the last 10 minutes of the second half. We didn’t play defense the way we are capable of. Some of it was the early fouls that can put you in bad spots. Our starters weren’t exactly rolling and we didn’t get much off the bench either.”

Sophomore Forward Shakara Jones

On the game:

“I think that my foul trouble really slowed me down. They played very good defense inside and I give them credit for that.”

Senior Guard Alyssa Hollins

On the next four games:

“In the Big 12 every game is tough. Coming off these two losses, these next four games are extremely important for us. We need to get our feet back under us and get some wins. We just need to get back to what we were doing when we were on our winning streak. We feel like we can play with anyone, but like what coach said today we just didn’t come out ready to play.”