Head Coach Bill Self and Senior Captain Sherron Collins Preview Texas Tech Game

Jan. 15, 2010


Head Coach Bill Self

On if last year’s loss to Texas Tech should motivate the team:

“I think the first Big 12 home game should be a motivation, a chance to go 2-0 is motivation, a chance to play at home is motivation and certainly the way they kicked our tail last year should be motivation, because they handled us quite easily last year.”

On what stands out from last year’s game:

“I remember going through the game and thinking how badly we played. We were 13-1 going into that game. We watched the tape the last couple of days and we played poorly, but we tried. They were just better. [Alan] Voskuil had a great night. I remember chewing on our guys after the game and then saying, `congratulations, you just won the league.'”

On Texas’ Tech playing style this year:

“They’re playing faster. Pat [Knight] has played faster than his dad since he’s been there. They are far more athletic than they have been since I’ve been in the league. They have a lot of experience with eight or nine juniors on the roster. They’re good this year.”

Senior Guard Sherron Collins

On if the team is coming together:

“Well, I think we’re a step closer but it still takes time. I think we’re starting to find out who we are a little bit and that we’ll show a lot of courage down the line.”

On using full-court press:

“We play it in games and we play it in practice a lot. In the last game we worked it and Marcus (Morris) went down and made a great play. I think we’ll try to pick it up and press some more.”