KU Postgame Quotes

Jan. 17, 2007

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Kansas Postgame Quotes
Kansas 69, Sacramento State 50
January 17, 2007

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the team’s motivation

“I thought we walked to the huddle and our body language wasn’t good to start the game. Our energy was negative and I didn’t understand why. In the huddle I said `play hard, play smart, play together’. I love the fact that these kids do not fear anybody, but we need to learn to respect everybody. Sacramento State was fighting to get a win just like we were. I thought that at times we battled and fought and looked like the team that was most hungry to get a win.”

On playing Iowa State on Saturday:
“I think playing them again is good for us and I talked to the team today about it. We need to think about what we did well and what we struggled with in the last meeting. We have two days to get ready and the team will get back to class and get back in a routine, which I think is good for them.”

Kansas Player Quotes
Senior Guard Shaquina Mosley
On starting:

“I don’t care if I come off the bench or if I start; at this point I just really want to win. We need to start winning and as long as we do that it does not matter.”

On the game:
“We have to come out strong from the beginning. We can’t get down and then try to fight back; we have to get our lead and try to keep that throughout the game. It feels good to get a win. There are still things we have to work on – turnovers and being more aggressive – but it feels good to finally get a win.”

Freshman Forward Sade Morris
On starting:

“It does not matter whether I start or come off of the bench. I just have to do a good job mentally and do the things that I know how to do best and not be afraid to make mistakes.”

On upcoming opponent Iowa State:
“We have to buckle down on defense and play hard. Our defense should lead to offense.”

Sacramento State Quotes
Head Coach Dan Muscatell
On the game:

“The game went as I pretty much expected. I was pleased with how hard we played and we were a little shorthanded in the post tonight. Atty Boyer, one of our starting posts has a foot problem, so she was out and another one of our posts was struggling with some fatigue issues that we have to get worked out. In the end, I thought that was the key to the game. I thought that Danielle McCray stepped up and hit two or three real big shots in a row at critical times. We had seen her on film and we knew that she could shoot it but that is what good players do. Having coached against Coach Henrickson when she was at Virginia Tech and now watching her team here, their foundation is here and now. It is a young group that you can see will be good in the future. They are really young and they get after you defensively, especially in the passing lanes. I know their record is not what they would like it to be, but they have played every Big 12 team close, whether it was here at KU or on the road. You have to give them a lot of credit. They just kept after us and they eventually found a crack.”

On getting a break from Big Sky Conference play:
“Our break was thirteen days within our conference season so we really felt like it was an opportunity for us to come to one of the mecca’s of college basketball and give our kids a chance to experience the history.”

Senior Guard Kim Sheehy
On the game:

“I thought we did really well tonight. We have been struggling, so we really came out tonight and fought hard and hung with them. We can be really proud of ourselves for the way we played tonight. It is a big time school so we can be proud of the fact that we hung with them as long as we did.”

On getting a break from Big Sky Conference play:
“It is a nice break because we struggled a little in our last game and I think we came out here and regained some of that confidence that will hopefully carry over into conference play.”