Swimmers' & Divers' Puerto Rico trip to be featured in upcoming Swimming World Magazine Interview

Jan. 18, 2012

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Even though Puerto Rico is thousands of miles away from Kansas, the tropical island was still the topic of conversation, Wednesday, as senior captains Shannon Garlie and Stephanie Payne were interviewed by Swimming World Magazine about their recent trip there.

The short question and answer session took place via Skype in the Allen Fieldhouse media room as part of the magazine’s `Morning Swim Show’ feature. The entire interview will be viewable on swimmingworldmagazine.com, Friday morning Jan 20.

“It was a really fun experience because as swimmers, we are not usually publicized as much as other sports,” Garlie said.

It was an enjoyable, yet unique experience for the two swimmers, who had not taken part in anything like this interview prior to Wednesday.

“I have been interviewed in front of a camera before,” Payne said. “But this was definitely different because we just Skyped on an ipad,”

During the interview, Morning Swim Show host Peter Busch asked Payne about something she had written in one of her blogs from the trip. Busch asked the Olympic Trials qualifier to explain what she meant when she said, `Training and competing outside is way different than inside because the sun zaps the energy out of you.’

Payne talked about the difference between swimming inside versus outside and how the sun beating down on you can play a role during backstroke events. The pair was also asked if they were the most tan, when they stepped back on campus to begin the spring semester on Tuesday.

“It was awesome that Swimming World picked us (Kansas) out of all the other college teams that went different places for winter training.” Payne added. “The last three training trips were a lot of fun, but this one just topped our senior year off because we went so far away.”

Watch Garlie and Payne discuss their experiences during their eight days on the island, this Friday, Jan. 20 on Swimming World Magazine’s `Morning Swim Show.’

Morning Swim Show Home Page: http://tv.swimmingworldmagazine.com/shows/the-morning-swim-show

Garlie & Payne Interview: http://tv.swimmingworldmagazine.com/shows/the-morning-swim-show/morning-swim-show-episodes/13947