Kate Schwartz Wins "Shero" Essay Contest

Jan. 23, 2007


In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, area sixth grade students were invited to participate in the “SHERO” essay contest identifying a female athlete who has inspired them and made a positive impact in their life. A committee comprised of student-athletes determined the winner. The third place winner is Tessa Lieber, Wakarusa Valley Elementary. The two runner-ups are Amber Stacey and Alicia Smith, who attend Hillcrest Elementary, for their essays about Women’s Basketball student-athlete Shaquina Mosley.

The winner of the contest is Kate Schwartz, Schwegler Elementary, for her essay about her older sister Abby.

“My Sister Abby”

1st place, “SHERO” essay contest

“My hero is my very own flesh and blood. My sister, Abby Schwartz, is that person. Abby has been a volleyball player ever since she was seventh grader at South Junior High School. Abby is now co-coaching a local club volleyball team.

When I was younger, I would go and watch Abby play a couple of matches at Lawrence High School. When I was younger, I would go and watch Abby play a couple of matches at Lawrence High School. When I was not being amazed by the quickness and skill of the players, especially number four, my sister, I was hitting a volleyball back and forth against the gymnasium wall. Ever since then I have been yearning to get out on the court and hit that volleyball again and again until my arms were redder than a tomato. At the beginning of fifth grade, that wish finally came true. My parents signed me up for my church’s volleyball league. The head coach came up to me and asked me what I wanted my number to be. I knew exactly what number, four, the same number Abby had been in high school. Now, she comes to my matches and gives me tips on how to improve my skill. So, thanks Abby, for being my inspiration, my sister, and my Shero.”

Submitted by:

Kate Schwartz

Schwegler Elementary School

Ms. Sue Vossler’s class