Postgame Quotes

Jan. 23, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Oklahoma 75, Kansas 57

January 23, 2011 – Allen Fieldhouse

Head Coach Bonnie Hendrickson

On KU’s missed opportunities:

“At half and at the end of the game we probably left between 25 and 30 on the board in missed lay-ups and missed free throws. Against a team like that and in this league, you have to make the most of those opportunities and focus, concentrate and knock down free throws.”

On how Oklahoma built its lead:

“It was just penetration and kicking out for three’s. That’s why we went to the zone. They were just driving to the rim and throwing the extra pass. They beat the person that was guarding them and they beat the help.”

On KU’s defensive and offensive struggles:

“When we let them shoot 54 percent in the first half, that’s on our defense. Then we counter that with missed lay-ups and missed free throws on the other end, we dug ourselves a hole fast. If we are going to struggle with that then we need to buckle down on defense and guard and force a tough shot. When we got opportunities in transition, we were effective and efficient but we just didn’t have enough of those.”

On KU’s rivalry games this upcoming week:

“It’s a big week for us and we only have two days to prep. We need to learn and grow from those good streches we had today and bring that to practice tomorrow because that’s how you get better. We have two days to get better against a Missouri team that will be excited to play us and we’ll be excited to play them equally.”

Sophomore Center Carolyn Davis

On Oklahoma’s perimeter play:

“(Aaryn) Ellenberg got a lot of three pointers off on us and so did (Whitney) Hand. We did not match up and get back in defensive transition.”

On the team’s play in the first half:

It is tough to get down that fast in the first half, but we all knew we had another half to come out and fight.

On the team’s play in the second half:

“There wasn’t a change in our game plan; we all came out and played hard and that is what got us back in the game.”

Sophomore Point Guard Angel Goodrich

On the differences between conference and non-conference games:

“There is a big difference from playing in the Big 12 and non-conference. Big 12 players are always strong and quick. Once you get into Big 12 play, everyone knows who you are and what you are going to do.”

On the team going on a run in the second half:

“Going on a run felt good because you always need that to help you be successful. We needed to not get down when they score, and stay focused and stay with the game plan.”

Senior Guard Marisha Brown

On Oklahoma’s perimeter play:

“I think that the three-pointers started coming in transition. I did not feel that we were communicating well in transition. Ellenberg was able to knock down some three pointers in the beginning and we started to give her a cushion in the zone.”

On the team’s defense the second half:

“I definitely felt like we were able to throw a punch the second half. We had to play really hard to get ourselves back in it the second half. I don’t think that we changed anything defensively, but we just matched their intensity.”

Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale

On the game as a whole:

“We got a lot of threes and got a lot of baskets in transition. We didn’t really push the envelope a lot in terms of ducking our head and getting to the rim. I thought it was nice to see our players get off to a good start with some rhythm offensively as they made some early shots.”

On the team’s ability to make shots against Kansas:

“It felt good, I’m not going to lie. The game is just so much easier; every pass, you trust yourself in transition more. It takes a lot of the pressure off, and it just changes the way you feel. It was really good to see our players hit that next level of confidence. Every pass and every close-out, they trusted just a little bit more.”

On the perimeter players’ rhythm:

“It doesn’t take us long, I felt Whitney (Hand’s) time was coming. We had open looks against Texas and we watched the film and dissected it. Everything looked right, the balls just didn’t go in the basket. She had some against Texas Tech but she wasn’t completely back in rhythm, but you knew it was coming at some point. She hit that pull-up jumper and everything was just so pure in terms of technique. You knew at that point that she was about to get into rhythm”

Sophomore Guard Whitney Hand

On Kansas’ perimeter defense:

“I think a lot of teams guard us the same. It’s just a matter of whether or not your shots are falling. I really feel like we’ve got enough shooters as to where it doesn’t matter.”

On the team’s ability to make shots against Kansas:

“It makes the game a lot easier (when you make shots). Thankfully, we were hitting shots today. What we have to figure out is how to be offensively efficient when we aren’t hitting shots like we were today.”