Coach Bill Self and KU Players Preview Colorado Game

Jan. 24, 2011


Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

On how he would evaluate his team after its first loss:

“I think we have a good basketball team. We can beat anybody in the country, but we can also be beaten. I think that’s just the way it is with college basketball; in general, there’s a lot of parody out there. Texas is good and because they played one terrific half of basketball I think it puts everyone on notice that they’re capable of beating anybody anywhere. I don’t think that should take away from the fact that we’re also a team that’s in the game.”

On Colorado players Alec Burks and Cory Higgins:

“Well Burks is a pro and Higgins will probably be a pro. I think they’re the top scoring duo in our league and probably as good of wings that we have in our conference.”

On how his team is rebounding after its first loss:

“Every time anybody plays a game, 50% of the teams in the country lose that night, and we hadn’t lost yet, so naturally, losing is a big deal but if a team can’t respond from one loss then they’re probably not that tough. From a basketball standpoint, I think we’ll be fine.”

Senior guard Tyrel Reed

On how KU will rebound following the first loss of the season:

“We’re gonna get to practice and get prepared for Colorado. We’re just looking forward to getting back out there on the court and just working hard and fixing things.”

On what Kansas must do to slow down Colorado’s talented scorers:

“They’ve got (Cory) Higgins and (Alec) Burks who are both great players. They’ve got (Levi) Knutson coming off the bench who is leading the Big 12 in three point percentage. So we definitely need to be better defensively and just come out and play hard.”

On KU’s final trip to Boulder as Big 12 Conference foes with Colorado:

“We’ve had some really tough battles there. I think every year that I’ve been here they’ve been tough, but it’s been great having a lot of fans out in Western Kansas come out and support us. It’s a good atmosphere and a good place to play.”

Senior guard Brady Morningstar

On recovering from the loss to Texas:

“Team morale is fine; we are just staying together and obviously hurting for Thomas (Robinson) and what he’s going through. As far as the loss, it happened and it is over with. We have looked at our mistakes and what we did wrong and we will correct those and get back to playing on Tuesday.”

On supporting teammate Thomas Robinson:

“You just have to be there for him. In no way could I imagine what he is going through right now. He is a 19-year old and having all that happen to him is just terrible, so you just have to stay close to him and give him your love and affection. We just need to let him know that it will be all right even though it does not seem like it now, but we are all here for him and he can just lean on us if he needs anything.”

On Josh Selby’s play of late:

“A player in his freshman year is obviously going to go up and down. He came out shooting the ball really well but he has cooled off a little bit. He is a young ballplayer and he will fix it. I just tell him to keep being aggressive, because if you are not aggressive that is not going to help out the team. I like playing with him a lot but he is fine and will get back to himself.”

On Colorado’s play so far this season:

“They are running a little bit of a different offense than they were last year because of the coaching change. They have two good players in (Alec) Burks and (Cory) Higgins. They are a good team and I’m looking forward to going to Boulder and playing them.”

On going to Boulder to face Colorado as a Big 12 opponent for the final time:

“It is our last trip as a university going there so it will be fun for the people of western Kansas who always go out there and support us. I’m sure they will be out in full effect this time because it is their last chance to catch us in Boulder.”

Junior forward Markieff Morris

On how the team is feeling going into the matchup with Colorado:

“We talked a lot about what was going on with the team yesterday and we just know it’s time to get back to it.”

On how much Colorado has improved over the past few seasons:

“They’re a lot better than they were last year. They have a great player, Alec Burks, who’s one of the top scores in the conference. I just think they are much more of a complete team than they were last year.”

On the challenges KU will have going up against Colorado:

“It’s a big challenge for us and it’s a big challenge for our guards. We need to get back to our inside-out game and just take what they can give us.”