Kansas 75 - Colorado 64: Postgame Quotes

Jan. 27, 2010

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Post Game Quotes

Kansas 75 – Colorado 64

Jan. 27, 2009

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the game:

“On the boards we were aggressive and we attacked. We got better inside position and created rebounds. I thought that our transition offense was good. I really thought that LaChelda (Jacobs) and Rhea (Codio) made some really good decisions to throw it ahead. The bigs really worked to run, which sucked a lot of traffic into the lane. I thought that we were really aggressive in the first half, but we need to be a team that has to do that for 40 minutes.”

On the Kansas defense:

“We made Colorado a driving team. I thought that our kids committed to a defensive plan to make them drive the basket. We were good and played a lot of scouting report defense.”

On newcomers stepping up:

“Prior to this I thought that Monica and Carolyn, as a freshmen tandem, had two very tough games. It’s tough to play at Hilton Coliseum and it’s tough to play at Oklahoma. They played with a lot of confidence and aggressiveness during those two days. Carolyn did not start that way today, but I think she finished that way.”

On the play of Danielle McCray:

“I loved her play on the offensive glass. That is important wherever you are, home or away. I think that toughness sends a statement. She set that tone on the boards for us. When your best player is doing that kind of work, then there is no excuse for anyone else. I thought that we followed suit and everyone played well.”

Senior Guard Danielle McCray

On if this was a must-win game:

“I definitely think it was an important game to get our confidence back up and to try and get into the NCAA tournament. That’s our goal right now. We’re going to try and keep up a winning streak, and I thought tonight was a good start to that. We can’t let it slip away from us.”

On an impressive first half:

“It was really impressive. When we focus, we’re a great team and when we lose focus, we struggle. We just need to keep it together for 40 minutes. If we had kept the same intensity in the second half as we did in the first half, we could have had a bigger win. Once we learn how to maintain our focus for the whole game, we’ll be a great team.”

Senior Guard Sade Morris

On the Jayhawks’ rebounding:

“(Kansas head) Coach (Bonnie Henrickson) has been talking to us about rebounding in practice. It’s not just about offensive rebounds. It’s been something she’s been stressing in practice and now we’re doing it in games more often. It helps a lot.”

On teammates Carolyn Davis and Monica Engelman:

“Carolyn has come in and done a great job in her starting role. She’s putting up points and defending. Monica is coming in aggressively and giving us points, which takes pressure off of Danielle (McCray) and me.

Freshman Guard Monica Engelman

On asking Coach Henrickson for more playing time:

“We were struggling a little bit and I really wanted to be in the game in tough situations. I noticed in the second half I wasn’t playing as much as I expected, so I sat down and asked her what I needed to do. She told me that for her to be able to trust me, I had to play defense.”

On if she feels she’s improved:

“Compared to where I was, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. I have developed a lot, but I still need to grow.”

Freshman Forward Carolyn Davis

On regularly tallying double-doubles:

“I think I have to stay aggressive on the boards because I’ve shown that I can score. I have to be more persistent on the boards. Last game, I only had two rebounds and I was disappointed in myself even though I produced more points. One of my main goals today was to get more rebounds.”

On if she was more aggressive today:

“Colorado really wasn’t blocking us out that much, but at the same time we were going hard and sending four people to the boards. That helped us a lot.”

Colorado Head Coach Kathy McConnell-Miller

On what Kansas did well in the second half:

“They were doing everything well. They were shooting the ball well, they were executing their sets well, and they were breaking down our defense. Most importantly, they were shooting the heck out of the ball.”

On how her team played better in the second half:

“We changed in the second half. We defended a little bit better and we came out with some more energy and passion. We played Colorado basketball in the second half. We did not execute our game plan in the first half on the offensive end or the defensive end. I wasn’t as much concerned about our offense as much as I was our defense. They got off a lot of threes. The second thing would be the amount of offensive rebounds. They had 17 misses in the first half and they had 14 offensive rebounds.”

On her teams’ plan coming into the game:

“To defend a little bit better than that and identify personnel. Be big on the ball screen, push them away and not allow them to run their sets. We weren’t very effective at that.”