Winter Training Trip Insider: Jade Lambkins

Jan. 29, 2013

Sophomore rower Jade Lambkins took time to share her thoughts about the team’s recent training trip to Florida and her outlook on the upcoming season.

What skill did you think you improved the most on the trip?
Jade Lambkins: “My technique. We kind of changed our technique and I feel like it’s working.”

What do you think the team improved on most?
JL: Our overall attitude. We were all positive and we were ready to practice and improve every day.

What was the hardest part of the training?
JL: “It did get long and kind of repetitive. We did the same thing every day and the days were long. Ten days is a long time to train like that.”

Was there an embarrassing or funny moment on the trip?
JL: “Rob (Catloth) gave me a wrench to tighten the top nut on the rigger and I dropped the wrench in the water. I tried to grab it, but it was gone. The joke going around is that I owe Rob a wrench.”

What is your outlook for the upcoming season?
JL: “I think after the trip we are all on the same page and changing our technique has added speed. We work on our stroke rate and we know it’s made us faster on the water and we are ready to see where we are at and see how well we compete against everybody.”