Kansas Volleyball Camp FAQs

Jan. 31, 2005

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How long does it take to get a camp confirmation?

Allow three weeks for processing time. Usually it takes less, but often we get really busy with KU Volleyball spring training, and it might take a little longer at certain times of the spring.

Can I get the roommate that I want?

If you request a roommate and your roommate requests you back, then you will definitely get your choice. If your roommate requests someone else, we have problems deciding whom to put with whom. Make sure that your roommate will request you before you send in your form with a roommate preference.

What is the Dorm Suite like?

Each suite consists of two dorm rooms with a bathroom in between them. Four campers will share the bathroom. There is a lock on each bathroom door for security. There are two twin beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets. There is a sink and vanity on each side of the suite. Each room is air conditioned for the camper’s comfort.

Is the Dorm/Camp Secure?

We take a lot of pride in providing a safe environment for all our campers. Naismith Hall is a 24- Hour secure residence hall. There will be female camp staff members residing on each of the floors. Camp staff members will always accompany campers on the walk from Naismith Hall to the gymnasium and back. We will do roll call at the beginning of every session to account for all campers.

Are my meals included and what is the food like?

Specialty campers should bring their own meal to the one day clinics. There will be an hour break for lunch. While some parents do bring their child a lunch from local restaurants, most campers bring a lunch packed in a cooler. Overnight resident campers will receive three meals a day in the all-you-can-eat Rock Chalk Café residence dining hall. The Rock Chalk Café has well balanced choices. They offer a salad bar, sandwich bar, cereal bar, hot food bar, and of course a desert bar. Day/Commuter campers will receive all the above except breakfast.

Where can I get a physical form?

We do not have a form that is specific for our camp. We accept a photocopy of the physical form that your school requires. If you have never had a physical prior to camp, please make an appointment with your family doctor. After the physical appointment, make a copy of the physical form for us and give the original to your school. It is acceptable for you to bring the physical form with you to camp. We will retain it for our records, so please do not ask for it back.

What should I pack for my dorm room?

Campers should pack twin bedding and blanket along with a pillow. Sleeping bags are also popular. Bring all toiletry items including a towel. The room will have toilet paper in the bathroom, as well as a shower curtain. Please bring an alarm clock. There are only two public phones in the Residence Hall, so a cell phone might be a good idea. Campers should bring along two practice outfits for each day, just in case one gets sweaty. Don’t forget pajamas, socks, shoes, sport bras, knee pads and hair ties. Please bring along a separate pair of shoes to walk in. We will offer a supervised open swimming session if the weather permits, so bring along a swimming suit.

Should I bring along money?

We will offer $5 personal pizzas every evening after camp. The camp store will be open at camp registration, every evening after camp, and after the closing ceremonies. The camp store consists of KU volleyball merchandise along with kneepads and tube socks. Campers are in charge of managing their own money.

Where do I go for camp check-in?

Check-in for all camps will be at the Horejsi Family Athletic Center. Specialty Camp check-in is from 8:00 – 9:00 AM. Skills Camp Check-in is from 12:00-1:30 PM on the first day of camp. Horejsi is located on the South side of Allen Field House. For directions to campus please click onto our “Driving Directions to Camp” link.

Where do I pick up my child at the end of camp?

There will be a 30-minute closing ceremony on the last day of overnight camp in the Horejsi gymnasium. This will begin at 3:30 PM and any parents who wish to attend are welcome. Otherwise, all campers will be released from their dorm room at 4:00 PM on the last day of camp. Specialty campers can be picked up in the Horejsi gym after the closing ceremony at 4:00 PM. The closing ceremony will begin at 3:30 PM

Where should I pick-up and drop-off my Day Camper?

After the initial registration at 12:00 PM on the first day of camp, day-campers enrolled in our skill camps can be dropped off at 8:30 AM in the Horejsi Family gym, and then picked up at Naismith Hall at 8:45 PM.

How are skill groups developed?

Each camper is put through an evaluation at the beginning of camp. They are asked to pass, serve, set and hit balls. After the evaluation process they are grouped with campers with similar scores. We will continue to evaluate each camper during the next day to ensure that she is in a group with girls that will challenge her. If we see that a camper is struggling, we will put her in a more comfortable group.