Where Are They Now: Meghann Haven

Jan. 31, 2007

Throughout this off-season, kuathletics.com will check in with former Jayhawks and see what they have been up to since their days in the Crimson and Blue. Today, we profile Meghann Haven, who played at KU from 1997-2000.

Haven has ties to all three coaches in KU soccer history, having been recruited by Lori Walker, and played for Dan Magner and Mark Francis. Haven, a midfielder from Englewood, Colo., completed her career as KU’s all-time leader in assists (has since been passed). She finished with 10 goals and 15 assists.

The four-year starter missed just one match during her career and started every contest her final two years. Haven is also one of just nine Jayhawks to be named to the Academic All-Big 12 First Team three consecutive years.

Where are you living and working now?
MH: I have been living in Los Angeles (Hermosa Beach to be exact) for the past two years at an advertising agency called Media Arts Lab (under the parent company TBWAChiatDay). I’m an Account Supervisor on the Apple Computer account (so I work on the TV, print, outdoor, online advertising). Before this, I had lived in Chicago, working at another advertising agency.

How has your academic experience and/or your degree from KU assisted you in your chosen career?
MH: I started out in the Journalism department with an emphasis in Magazine Journalism, and although I graduated with this emphasis, I was able to get a lot of exposure to the Marketing courses that were offered, and that eventually piqued my interest in the field of Advertising. I think being a Journalism major also took my writing capabilities to a totally new level.

What is one thing you miss most about being a student-athlete?
MH: I really miss the adrenaline rush of competition. I miss getting physically prepared for the season and mentally prepared to give my absolute all in a game. I still play soccer out here in Los Angeles, but of course it’s co-ed and laidback. I will probably never experience the thrill of competition like that again.

I also miss being in tiptop shape. It’s difficult to balance a challenging career with keeping in shape. You no longer have the strict regimen that you had in college. Working out becomes a second priority.

What was the best thing about being a Jayhawk?
MH: There is a lot of tradition that plays a big role when you’re a Jayhawk. It’s cool. People at KU have a lot of pride, especially those with whom I was lucky to compete and interact with in the athletic department. You feel as though you’re part of a movement.

Name one lesson that playing soccer at KU has taught you.
MH: Playing soccer at KU taught me how to truly strive for what I want. I had to fight on a daily basis to get myself to be the best I could be and to have a starting position, and I accomplished that. It taught me, when I entered into my career, that I had the ability to be whatever I wanted to be, if I put my mind and passion into it. And the sense of discipline I developed as a student-athlete has carried through into my work demeanor as well.

What is your lasting memory of playing soccer at KU?
MH: It’s strange. When I try to think of one single moment as the quintessential memory of my soccer career at KU, I can’t. It’s more like a montage of memories that flow through my mind — all the really emotional, thrilling moments of scoring goals, winning games and feeling a sense of camaraderie with my teammates. Plus, I have the truly lasting memory of having former teammates who are now friends for life.

What advice would you give to the current team?
MH: I would have to say that you have to appreciate every day that you can be part of such an amazing Division I team…to never take for granted the opportunity you’ve been handed to be a part of the KU Women’s Soccer Team. It’s a special thing, and sometimes you lose sight of that.