Kansas Basketball Quotes Advancing Texas Tech game

Jan. 31, 2011

A replay of Head Coach Bill Self’s Big 12 Teleconference call from Monday morning is available at the Big 12 Conference website at http://www.big12sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=10410&ATCLID=204847115

Comments from Kansas basketball players previewing the Kansas at Texas Tech game:

Marcus Morris, Junior forward

How surprising is it that Kansas hasn’t won at Lubbock in the Bill Self era?

“It is very surprising. Because every year we have a good team and since coach has been here we have been winning the Big 12, but to never win there is very surprising. My freshman year we didn’t win there, but we still won the Big 12, so maybe it just a jinx or something.”

Did the game against Kansas State make it able for you to move forward after what happened with Thomas Robinson last week?

“I was definitely proud of how Thomas responded and how he played against Kansas State. I definitely wanted him to do well and I think he is on the right track now. It is great that we are moving forward.”

How tiring was last week? Do you feel like you will have your legs under you?

“Last week was very tiring with a lot of travel and a lot of games. As we move forward I think we are going to take more days off and our legs will come back to us.”

Brady Morningstar, Senior, guard

How shocking is it that you have never won in Lubbock under Bill Self?

“I don’t know how shocking it is since we have only had three chances to do so and I know 0 and 3 down there is not a good record, but three chances isn’t a lot of times to win at a certain place. I don’t know if it is shocking. I just think it is a tough place to play and if you don’t go in prepared on the defensive end and on the offensive end, it is an easy place to lose. The last two times I have been down there, we weren’t doing that right so we took a loss. It is kind of surprising that he hasn’t won down there because of how much talent he has had on his team since he has played down there, but Texas Tech is a good team. They are not a push over by any means. Playing at Lubbock they always give us their best shot because it is Kansas coming to town. We always take everyone’s best shot.”

Did Saturday’s game help you move on?

“I think it was a good step forward. It was definitely what we needed. I was so glad that Thomas (Robinson) played like he did, because he deserved everything in the world. He played such a great game. It showed everyone how focused he was and how prepared he made himself for that game because he knew it was an important game for him and for the team. You have to give Thomas credit for all the stuff he is going through. I don’t know a lot of people who could have had the past couple of weeks like he had and then come out and play like that and help his team win like that is huge. Especially for being a 19-year old. It is a good step forward for the team. We look forward to keep playing like that.”

After losing to Texas and dropping from No. 2 to No. 6 in the national rankings:

“We are back to square one. I would rather be number 10 in the country and 6-0 in conference than 5-1 and number two in the country.”

What do you remember about Mike Singletary?

“He is a tough guard. He is a bigger guard. He can do whatever on the court. He can score, he can rebound, he can pass, he can steal. His stats from the last game were 33, 10 and seven or what not. Those are pretty good numbers for anybody in the country. He is capable of putting up big numbers and I think he makes the team go. He is a tough matchup, but I think we are looking forward to it… If we shut him down it will be a pretty good start on trying to get our first win in Lubbock.”