Winter Training Trip Insider: Caity Decker

Jan. 31, 2013

Junior rower Caity Decker took time to share her thoughts about the team’s recent training trip to Florida and her outlook on the upcoming season.

What did you do to prepare for the trip?
Caity Decker: “I really tried to stay in shape over the break. It was really important that we stayed in shape because we were going on a trip where we were going to practice twice a day.

What skill did you think you improved the most on the trip?
CD: “I was working on changing sides from starboard to port. Getting to spend that much time in the boat, I was able to get more comfortable with the change. We also spent time working on a new stroke technique and we were able to become more comfortable with what (head coach) Rob (Catloth) was teaching us.”

What do you think the team improved on most?
CD: “We really gained a lot of speed. Comparing our splits from the beginning of the trip to the end, we increased our overall speed. Being able to see the improvement in the numbers was really exciting for us.”

What was your favorite part of the trip?
CD: “Our seniors got to leave our mark in Tampa. When crews come to train there, they get to paint their mark on the wall and getting to row by and see our mark on our last day was really cool.”

What is your outlook for the upcoming season?
CD: “I’m really excited. We have shown lots of improvement. We have set many personal records inside on the erg machines. Just getting faster on the water makes us all excited to compete and see how we compare to everyone else.”