Feb. 1, 2006

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Postgame Quotes
Colorado 77, Kansas 71
February 1, 2006

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:

“I told the team in the locker room that until we develop a defensive pride, nothing is going to change. We can’t afford to give up so many uncontested three-point shots. Coming off the loss at Baylor and our previous loss against Colorado, we really needed to make a statement early, and we didn’t do that. I don’t understand our lack of defensive pride. It is incredibly disappointing to me. When you look at us offensively, we either score from right under the basket or we are forced to shoot three’s because of our lack of a mid-range game. We need to drive it, get to the rim and get to the free throw line. We need to get more out of our bench. Our bench was outscored 22-4, and it is not minutes, it is production. We don’t have enough room for our bench not to play well.”

On Kaylee Brown’s career-high 24 points:
“Kaylee (Brown) really hit some huge shots to keep us in the game. She got some uncontested looks off of our penetration, and that is important for us.”

Senior Forward Crystal Kemp
On containing Whitney Law:
“We were trying to force her left and taking away her shots. We did not do either one of those, so it’s kind of tough.”

On Kansas’ shots:
“We couldn’t really knock down anything. I was not finishing most of my shots; it was just one of those nights where I was way off balance.”

Senior Guard Kaylee Brown
On Colorado:

“We did not do well on the defensive end. We gave them a lot of uncontested three’s. We just didn’t defend.”

Senior Guard Erica Hallman
On Kansas’ defense:

“If our defense is good, it will create a good offense and open up shots. I do not think we have done that in the last six games. I don’t know why our defense is so low, and that’s no excuse. We do well in practices though. Somehow we have to figure out how to carry it over to the games.”

Colorado Head Coach Kathy McConnell-Miller
On the game:

“First off, I was in awe to even be in this building, let alone to come up with a victory. For our players to perform the way they did, it was a great night for us. Kansas defended us. Our players made some tough shots when they needed to. With the amount of pressure on us, I thought we held our composure and did a nice job down the stretch of hitting our free throws. Our best 20 minutes was in the first half as far as our execution. I thought the second half belonged to Kansas.”

On what her team learned after beating Kansas in Boulder:
“We learned mostly on the defensive end who we needed to key on. It was a pick your poison type of thing. Do we double (Crystal) Kemp or do we play her one-on-one? In Boulder, Kemp got in foul trouble and she only played about 26 minutes that game. We know she does not come off the floor if she doesn’t have to. I thought we did a nice job of picking who to guard and who not to guard. Both times, they (Kansas) have been good from beyond the arc. I think mostly on the defensive end, when you actually play them live, I think there are a lot of adjustments that you make. I think our players came in here with more confidence as a result of that game than any other game.”

Senior Guard Whitney Law
On the game:

“All the teams in the Big 12 are tough, especially on the road. We knew we could play with them (Kansas). We knew that they were a good team, but we also knew that if we executed our stuff we should be able to walk away with a win.”