Feb. 2, 2008

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Feb. 2, 2008

Postgame Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

Her thoughts on the game:

“I think both teams were a little ugly offensively. They (Iowa St.) missed some uncontested shots off some broken plays. We struggled turning the ball over in the first half, but we really buckled down on that in the second half. A lot of kids contributed tonight. They came in and did some good things defensively for us. In this league there is a very fine balance between winning and losing and it is often the little things that are the difference.”

On holding IowaState to second-lowest scoring output of the season:

“We implemented the four-player switch tonight. We have practiced it a lot, but haven’t implemented it much into games. The only problem is that it forces Nicollette (Smith) and Taylor (McIntosh) to have to play perimeter defense. We trusted both of them to play good defense and not give up the three and they did that tonight. Neither team had very good rhythm. You might run a half-mile a possession against Iowa St.”

On Krysten Boogaard:

“I have been throwing kids out of drills in practice if they don’t throw her the ball. So we were going to throw her the ball tonight. We just have to get her more touches because she is a quality, low-post option for us. She is playing with a lot of confidence. When we don’t throw her the ball it is not because we lack the confidence to throw it, it is just because we aren’t focusing.”

Freshman forward Krysten Boogaard

On her strong play early in the game:

“It definitely built up my confidence. I started getting rebounds and scoring within the first couple minutes. I was just getting into the right positions and making hard cuts.”

On KU’s offense:

“I definitely feel more comfortable. We run through our offenses every day, every single one we have. That helps and I learn other people’s spots and where they are supposed to be.”

On the win:

“We definitely needed it. It’s going to give us big momentum going into KansasState. It was really good for us.”

Freshman guard Chakeitha Weldon

On her role on the team:

“I’m very confident in myself and in my teammates. They are energetic and my energy brings a lot to the team in games and in practice. We go over plays outside of practice and during practice. My teammates help me learn the plays and to get better.”

On her improved play:

“I want to be out there on the floor with my team. I want to have the great feeling of playing with them.”

On her greatest strengths:

“Enery and defense are my main two focuses. If my offensive game isn’t on, I make sure my defense is.”

Iowa State Head Coach Bill Fennelly

On the game:

“First of all, you have to give Kansas credit. They defended us great, which was not a surprise. We knew that this was going to be a low scoring game. You can’t win games with only two people scoring and you can’t win games with 19 turnovers in a game where the pace is really slow. We’re really struggling to score inside and then we are 5-for-25 from the three-point line. For the first time in a long time, I thought we lost our poise. We came out of what we normally do as a team. People were doing things that we don’t teach. We had a six point lead and everytime we had a defensive breakdown they scored. Everytime down the stretch. When we had looks at the basket and needed to hit one shot to hang around, we just couldn’t hit it. You have to finish games, and they finished it. We didn’t.”

On Kansas’ defense:

“Kansas’ defense is very good. They were switching floor screens on the outside. When you have open looks at the basket, you have to make them. We had six points the whole night in the post, which really hurts. And when you are struggling to score you have to rebound better and we only got five offensive rebounds which is good blocking out by them and maybe not so great of an effort by us. And we can’t turn the ball over 19 times.”

Freshman Forward Kelsey Bolte

On the difficulty of guarding KU center Krysten Boogaard:

“Her size. She is a big body down low and we don’t have anyone quite her size. Hopefully we can stop her a little bit better next time.”

Sophomore Guard Alison Lacey

On the final possession:

“We drew a play and they guarded it real well. They switched the screens and we couldn’t get the ball in. It was their good defense. If you are going to guard like that, then you deserve the stop.”

On the giving up a lead in the second half:

“It was our game to win and we kind of gave it to them. They had to do some good things, but I think we had it. We did things that we don’t normally do and panicked. We didn’t guard as well and they hit some big shots.”