Postgame Quotes

Feb. 2, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

Kansas 81, Colorado 53

February 2, 2011

Head Coach Bonnie Hendrickson

On Krysten Boogaard scoring her 1,000th career point:

“I think we threw away 1,000 balls to try to get her that bucket. I think everyone wanted to be the person to throw Krysten the ball that got her the 1,000th point. I’m just really excited for Krysten and I’m proud of her. It was fun to see how everyone on the bench got excited and was counting it down and everyone wanted to be the one to throw it her.”

On her team’s overall performance in the game:

“It was good offensively for us to shoot 62 percent in the first half, come back and shoot 60 percent in the second half and then buckle down defensively. They shot 44 percent in the first half and we came back in the second half and we were much more active on the defensive end. I thought the zone was good early; it got them out of rhythm. It just feels good. It’s good to get a win.”

On Keena Mays’ performance:

“She got some good opportunities on steals, and then she hit two or three 15 foot jump shots. She’s really pressed a lot and tried to create shots, so we like the fact that when she comes in offensively she’s aggressive and she attacks, know it’s about making good decisions and she made good decisions tonight.”

On Angel Goodrich’s resilience coming off injuries:

“I admire the toughness she’s shown through the rehabilitation process and even now after her injuries she’s been a kid who has done everything I’ve asked without a flinch. She is arguably one of the most coachable players I’ve ever had. So I admire the resiliency and toughness she’s shown, but her ‘coachability’ is something that I have great respect for.”

On what her team must take away from this win:

“We need to build from the momentum and the toughness I thought we showed tonight. We’ll need two great days of practice and then try to go down to Austin, (Texas), and get another one. We just need to continue to build and go one game at a time. We’ve said all year that the most important game is the next one, so now the most important game of the season is Saturday in Austin.”

Sophomore Point Guard Angel Goodrich

On her performance:

“I think that I have been going pretty well. I have been trying to attack the rim, penetrate and dish the ball a lot more.”

On how healthy her knee feels:

“I think that I am getting there; I do rehab three times a week just to keep it strong. Rehab is something that I am continuing to work on because I want to make sure that my knee is as healthy as it can be.”

Sophomore Center Carolyn Davis

On the win against Colorado:

“We are so happy to be back at home and we wanted to get a good win for our fans. I think once we got that good lead, we kept on pushing and never gave up.”

On the last five games:

“It has been tough and we had a couple of close ones. I think that it was tough to keep getting those losses and it felt like we could not get a win. I am so glad that we got this win at home, and on Krysten’s (Boogaard) 1000 points.

On her struggle with making free throws:

“I have been struggling, but I have been making sure to shoot a hundred every day. I have been practicing a lot.”

Senior Center Krysten Boogaard

On getting to 1000 points and getting a win against Colorado:

“It feels really good to have a win against a Big 12 team. Colorado is a very good team, and it was exciting to get my 1000 points at home and with a win. I have great teammates who did an excellent job of trying to get the ball down low. This is an amazing experience and I will cherish and remember this forever.”

On Colorado:

“They have improved just like we have improved. We are just looking to go down to Texas, play hard and get a win.”

Freshman Point Guard Keena Mays

On her feelings about beat Colorado:

“It feels great to win at home. It was a big night for Krysten (Boogaard) and the whole team.”

On the team’s five game losing streak:

“It is never good to lose that many games in a row. We came together as a team and knew that we needed to get a win today.”

Colorado Head Coach Linda Lappe

Opening Statement:

“You’ve got to give Kansas credit. They shot the ball well. They attacked us on the inside, which we knew they would. We just didn’t have an answer for their inside game. I don’t think they scored outside the paint for the first 15 minutes of the game. If they did, it was only one or two. Then, they started hitting outside shots when they got comfortable. It didn’t matter who came in at that point, everybody did well and hit shots. Our defense and our rebounding let us down. They’ve been the two things that have kept us in most games and they let us down today.”

On traveling with the weather conditions:

“We flew in yesterday morning. We left Boulder at 8:00. We had to fly into Kansas City and we stayed there for two hours and waited for our bus. Then we bussed over here and got in about 4:30, so we had about eight hours of travel. The drive here from Kansas City was much worse than the flight.”

On the play of Angel Goodrich:

“She’s a point guard and she gets them into what they need to get into. She runs their offense and doesn’t deviate from what they are trying to do. She gets the ball to where it needs to go offensively. Defensively I thought she did a nice job. I thought overall defensively, they did a nice job. They were physical, more physical than we were. They just controlled the tempo and got the ball up in transition and they hurt us in transition. (Angel) was a big part of that.”