2010 Football Ticket Options Include Tiered Pricing, More Student Seats

A new tiered-pricing structure at Memorial Stadium has produced additional options for 2010 Kansas Football season-ticket holders and 200 more seats for students. And judging by the early returns, fans are excited about the new options.

Kansas Athletics released the seating options in a ticket brochure it mailed last week.

The new lowest-priced season ticket is $199 for a reserved seat for the entire seven-game package at Memorial Stadium. Those seats are in Section 1 at the southwest corner of the stadium. As a result of the demand for that tier, Kansas Athletics has expanded that offering into Sections 11 and 16, two of the six sections that in recent seasons had been reserved for the Perkins Restaurant Family Zone.

Last season the lowest-priced season ticket was $225 for a six-game package.

“We are catering to our fans who want reserved seating at a reduced rate,” KU Athletics Director Lew Perkins said. “We successfully began tiered pricing in Allen Fieldhouse this year, and judging by the reaction, our fans in Memorial Stadium are excited about that opportunity as well.”

The Family Zone will continue to occupy Sections 12-15, and will go on sale June 1.

The second-tier price of $299 for the seven-game package includes sections 2, 3, 9, 10 and 24-26. Season tickets in Sections 4-8 and 21-23 are $350.

The other change in stadium ticketing will result in an increase of 200 seats for KU students. The upper portion of Section 21, a midfield section that formerly was a combination of single-game tickets and, in rare cases, general-admission overflow student seating, will be occupied by season-ticket holders. Now, overflow student seating will occupy all of Section 17, directly above the band.

“This is a positive for everyone involved,” Perkins said. “Our students get 200 more seats at the same great low price ($45 for a seven-game season-ticket package). And rather than attempt to mix assigned seating with general-admission seating, we can accommodate season-ticket requests and provide an additional section the students can call their own.”