Jayrock 2011

Feb. 3, 2011


After weeks, days, and for some teams, only a few hours of preparation, student-athletes gathered in Kansas Union Ballroom on January 27 for Jayrock 2011, the student-athletes sixth annual talent show.

Keeping in pattern with every proceeding year, the Jayrock skits were bigger and better than ever. Dancing, singing, guitar playing and special effects were all a part of the night’s entertainment.

Assuring the night ran smoothly was former football player, and current San Diego Charger Darrel Stuckey. In true Stuckey fashion, he went all out for the event including a grand entrance with a handstand on to the stage and several wardrobe changes.

“Jayrock is an amazing event. It was an honor to be the host of the 6th annual Jayrock. I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was very positive, energetic and high in competition,” Stuckey said.

The battle for best skit is a highly coveted prize around the athletic department and to judge the acts the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee invited Associate Athletic Director of Community Relations and Outreach Mike Harrity, Strength and Conditioning Coach Molly McKinnon and HSES Director of Facilities Dr. Bernie Kish.

Jayrock began six years ago and continues to grow as one of the student-athletes favorite events of the year.

“It shows how close we are as student athletes no matter what team we play for,” Colleen Hohman, softball freshman, said. “It also shows how dedicated we are to Kansas and how much school spirit we have. SAAC in general is a great way to meet other athletes and Jayrock shows some other sides of athletes we may not see on a daily basis.”

Stealing the show and coming in first place was volleyball with their miniature puppet show routine. Ironically, volleyball spent the least amount of time preparing for Jayrock, practicing last minute choreography backstage during the show.

“This year practicing for Jayrock was a little last minute,” Allison Mayfield, junior volleyball, said. “It took a lot of people’s ideas coming together to make it what it was… it was a true team effort to get that accomplished.”

Coming in a close second was swim & dive with their glowing dance performance of Jai Ho, from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Rounding out the podium was softball with their song and dance rendition of “Hard Knock Life” from the musical Annie.

As the event continues to grow, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee looks to the future and hopes to one day open the event to the general public as a way to fundraise for charities of their choice.