Ahli Arkeketa Wins "Shero" Essay Contest

Feb. 4, 2008


In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, area sixth grade students were invited to participate in the “SHERO” creative contest identifying a female athlete who has inspired them and made a positive impact in their life. A committee comprised of student-athletes determined the winner. The third place winner is Kasey Garzillo, Prairie Park Elementary, for her essay on her sister Mary. The runner-up is Louisa Ruby Holland, who attends Schwegler Elementary for her essay on her dance instructor Kallie.

The winner of the contest is Ahli Arkeketa, Prairie Park Elementary, for her essay about Kansas basketball legend Lynette Woodard.

All three winners were honored on the court during the Women’s Basketball vs. Iowa State on Saturday.

Excerpts from 1st place “Lynette Woodard – my SHERO”

She is my hero because… Lynette achieved the impossible goals that she had. That makes me feel that the impossible dreams that I have can come true. Not only did she do the impossible, she gave me dreams about what I can do better at. She also made me realize that I don’t have to figure out all my dreams yet.

She is outstanding because… She did not know that she loved basketball until she was sixteen. At sixteen some say that is too old to achieve their dreams as an athlete. Lynette was the first woman to play on the Harlem Globetrotters. She scored 3,649 points in four years. She won a gold medal in basketball at the 1984 Olympics. Those are some of the goals that she achieved that inspired me throughout her life.

Submitted by: Ahli Arkeketa

Prairie Park Elementary School

Mrs. Cathy White’s class