Kansas Softball Holds Media Day

Feb. 9, 2011

Media Day Videos Coach Smith | Montgomery


Kansas Softball Media Day Quotes

February 9, 2011

Head Coach Megan Smith:

On the Jacksonville University Tournament:

“I’m excited to go to Florida. We’ve had a good preseason. We had a camp in Wichita and we’re just ready to go out and get some game competition.”

On the freshmen class:

“We have eight new players. We have seven new freshmen and a college transfer. It’s a big variety of players, and we’re really excited about that. They’re bringing a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and power to the team.”

On the team’s approach this season:

“We’re going to go out and work hard every day. We have more players to work with this year and we’re excited about that.”

On the team’s strengths:

“Our freshman class last year did a fantastic job last year. They’re sophomores now and they’re our leaders. We have some seniors that are stepping up as well, but the sophomore class has a year under their belt and a lot of experience now. They’re talented and they work hard. They’re going to come back as sophomores and be even better.”

On Maggie and Rosie Hull:

“They worked really hard, they have a good attitude, and they had a great freshman year. We’re looking forward to having them do that again this year. They’re also going to be hitting away this year, which is exciting. They slapped the whole year last year, so we’re going to be mixing a lot of that in for them.”

On the tough schedule:

“It’s a good schedule. We have to play a difficult preconference schedule because of our conference. We open up with North Carolina, which is a very good program. I think we’re going to be prepared for the Big 12.”

Redshirt Junior Outfielder Liz Kocon:

On the Jacksonville University Tournament:

“I’m very excited. We’re opening up with North Carolina, who are ranked in the top 25. It will be a good first game to see where we’re at.”

On the tough schedule:

“It’s definitely going to be a hard schedule, but we’re going to benefit from it a lot. We’re really young this year, so we’re going to get the experience that we need. I’m always up for a challenge, so it’ll be fun. I’m excited.”

On improving from last year:

“Our philosophy is to be big with everything we do. Just be big and give it our all and work as hard as we can. As long as we do that we will continue to get better.”

On the freshmen:

“We have a lot of new kids. There’s a lot of young talent out there. I think that we’re going to be surprised by them.”

On the team’s strength:

“I think it’s just our offensive skills. I think we’re very versatile. We can bunt, slap and we can power hit. We have so many options offensively.”

Sophomore Infielder Mariah Montgomery:

On the mood in the preseason:

“We’re not looking back at the past. We’re trying to focus on this year, and how intense we’re going to be and motivated to work hard. We’re really competitive and strong as a team. We’re close like a family and I think that will take us a long way.”

On the tough schedule:

“The tough schedule is going to help us in our conference play. The harder and more competitive teams we face in the beginning are going to make us better during conference play, which is a very good conference.”

On the sophomores:

“We are very close friends. It’s very exciting to see how we progress together, how we helped the team last year and what we can do to help the team this year. We want to make sure we’re good mentors for the freshmen. We’re working to get them on the same page as us. As far as everything goes they are on the same track with us.”

On the freshmen:

“Their passion for the game is outstanding. It’s awesome to see how much they love the game just as much as we do. They have a lot of talents. They just need us and the upperclassmen to show them how the game works.”