Feb. 9, 2005

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On scoring by Keith Langford, J.R. Giddens and Wayne Simien…

“I think there have been some times where that [three players scored majority of points] has happened. The rest of our team scored about nine. Those three were good, especially offensively. We had some guys play out of character tonight. Aaron [Miles] has been so good, but to have so many unforced errors is not indicative of how good he can play. Christian [Moody] didn’t get a chance to play at all tonight, so those three had to come through for us to have a chance to win.”

On scoring runs being the difference in the game…

“The end of the first half and the first five to seven minutes of the second half, that 10 minutes was maybe the difference in the game. It was exactly the same game as last year’s game, where we went on a run right before halftime to go up and hang on for dear life.”

On defending K-State’s Jeremiah Massey

“In the first half Sasha [Kaun] did a great job. We thought Sasha and Christian [Moody] were the two best to guard him. We felt like we knew what he would do when he caught it and he did it and was effective. We tried trapping him the last seven or eight minutes and we did a better job, but he still found a way to muscle his way in there. He is a good player and we certainly could have done a better job, but I give him credit.”


On Jeremiah Massey’s first half shooting

“I think maybe past the first couple (shots) he had a few good looks down there. For the most part, I felt like he got some good looks at the basket.”

On cutting Kansas’ 17-point second half lead to four points

“We just made some shots. I think that’s the key when you play a team that has as many weapons as they have. We had to stay on pace with them offensively. We had a coupe of droughts in there where they kept scoring and we didn’t. We’d dig ourselves a hole, dig out of it, then dig ourselves another hole and dig out of it again. That takes a lot of energy. They’ve just got some guys on their team that are pretty difficult match-ups, so you have to keep pace with them offensively and we just weren’t able to do that.”

SENIOR FORWARD Wayne Simien<?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>

On prolonging the streak…

“It means a lot; I have a lot of friends who go to Kansas State. I grew up watching K-State football. It is a rivalry game regardless of the win-loss record. We run into each other a lot during the summer working at camps, so we get along off the court.”

On the upcoming game against Colorado…

“Every game is important, and every game we play from now on is a championship game. This is the time when we set ourselves apart from the rest of the league, and it doesn’t matter who comes in. We are going to treat it like a big game.”


On playing on the road…

“I like to play on the road. After we win, it is fun to look into the stands with a little grin on my face. The trashtalk from the fans motivates me.”

On Kansas State’s three-point shooting…

“They are a good team. They shot their threes well. I think they are one of the best three-point shooting teams in the league and in the nation. We knew we had to hold them off until the end of the game.”

SENIOR GUARD Keith Langford

On the streak…

“We were satisfied with the win tonight. We did not want to let the streak end on our watch. We wanted to continue to lead and do what the others have done before us.”


On his play tonight…

“I was a little angry with myself for mishandling the ball. I had eight turnovers, but we still won. That is all that matters. We are 9-0 now.”

On Kansas State’s run in the second half…

“In college basketball you expect teams to make runs. I think (their run) was keyed off of turnovers and bad passes, but you have got to withstand the run. We were able to stop the clock and make freethrows in the end.”