Live Chat With Keith Langford


Live Chat With Keith Langford
Senior stopped by to chat on Thursday, Feb. 17.

Kansas’ Keith Langford is in the midst of a stellar senior season, averaging 15.2 points in all games and 16.2 points in conference games. The Fort Worth, Texas, native was named to the Midseason Wooden Award list (top 30 players in the nation). Langford also made the game-winning basket in the 70-68 overtime win against No. 9 Georgia Tech on New Years Day, earning him co-Big 12 Player of the Week honors on Jan. 3. He also notched two preseason honors, first-team All-Big 12 and Naismith watch list. Langford and fellow seniors Wayne Simien, Michael Lee and Aaron Miles are looking to take KU to its third Final Four in the past four seasons in 2004-05.

Keith stopped by to answer your questions on Thursday, Feb. 17.

UTPA Moderator: Hello everyone and welcome to this live chat on Senior guard Keith Langford will now answer your questions.
Steph (Baker): Do you have a girlfriend?
Keith Langford: No Steph I don’t, but you can be if you want to be.
Goddard: Will you miss playing at KU nest year????
Keith Langford: I will miss playing at KU next year. At the same time, I am ready for some new challenges. I will never forget everything I have learned here and all the friends that I have made.
Matthew Cox Tupelo, Ms: What made you think that you could play for one of the best schools in the nation? Who made you stay outside and practice basketball everday so that you would be good enough to play for Kansas? Thank you.
Keith Langford: My mom was the biggest motivator in my life. She pushed me all the time and told me if I was going to be good I would have to work hard. You have to do more than what your coach tells you.
Andrew B. (Andover): Which game do you consider to be your best as a Jayhawk?
Keith Langford: There are a lot of games to choose from. My favorite games are in the NCAA tournament. It is incredible how fast it has gone by. The TCU game from my junior year and a couple of different games from this year standout.
Hugoton, Kansas: Do you think your team will win the National Championship.
Keith Langford: I do think we will win the National Championship. We have come so close in the last couple of years, but now we have to put it all together and make it happen.
Chicago, Illinois: Keith, do you still change your shoes periodically during games?
Keith Langford: I change my shoes at halftime if the first half is not going how I like it.
manhattan: What are the chances of you entering yourself in the NBA draft?
Keith Langford: I think the chances vary. The chances will get brighter, the better I play and the better the team plays.
biggest fan ever!: Being your last year at Kansas (tear tear) reflecting on your time what would you say was your favorite part at KU?
Keith Langford: My favorite part has been playing in the NCAA Tournament. It is not just playing in the games, it is the time away from school and the chance to bond with your teammates. You got the video cameras going and everything. It is just a great time.
Gaelan Mackie Baldwin City: YO Keith waz up? You seem to take the ball to the hole like allen Iverson. Do you watch him or take after him?
Keith Langford: I don’t really take after Allen Iverson, our games are totally different. I really admire the way he finishes at the basket. He is a special individual but I never tried to mold my game after his.
Amy,KansasCity: Hey Keith How’s it going? Are you looking forward to being the Big 12 champs and going to the Final Four for the third time in four years? I know you all can do it. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!
Keith Langford: I am looking forward to the opportunity to win another Big 12 Championship and going to another Final Four because that is not an accomplishment that not many people get to endure in their career. Keep up the support!

Michael (Hillsboro KS): What did you think about how the KSU fans acted in Manhattan, like throwing things on the court and taunting. It seemed to motivate you.

PS: I liked your motions of a quarterback throwing a ball towards the student section after the game representing the big football win back in fall. That really frustrated them!

Keith Langford: Fans are fans. I tend not to take them for more than they are worth. Nothing is ever personal, it is all in good fun. The football thing frustrated them, and I knew it would. That is just me giving a little love to our football team.
brandon (Hutchinson): Did you know before you took the shot versus Georgia Tech that you would make it?
Keith Langford: Yes I did.
Jeff (Pittsburg, KS): What’s the biggest difference between playing for coach Self and playing for coach Williams?
Keith Langford: There is not much difference besides a few X’s and O’s. Coach Self might be a little more defensive oriented, while coach Williams focused more on offense.
Dale Cottrell, Sullivan, MO: Keith, I live in a small Missouri town and take a lot of heat from being a big Jayhawk fan. I just wanted to tell you keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you guys play in St. Louis come the end of March.
Keith Langford: Thanks a lot. Keep those Tigers off of you. We will try to help you out when we come down there in March.
Bobbi, Hays: Hey, i was just wondering if you think that the loss with Villanova has strengthened the team or benefited it in some way. It seems like the team has been playing much more accurate since that lost and I would like to know what your view is.
Keith Langford: It has really helped us. Obviously when you are embarrassed like that it hurts your pride. We have always responded to losses like that in the past and we have done that this year.
Ryan (Hays, KS): It seems like you are back to the old explosive Keith. Do you feel you were not as aggressive during the first part of the year? If you were, was it because of your knee injury. In any event it is nice to see you knocking down threes and slashing to the hoop. Peace.
Keith Langford: I feel a lot better. After surgery I gained a lot of weight. I am just starting to lose that weight. I am working with the trainers and our strength coaches and I really feel that I am back to my old self. In the beginning of the season it was a mental thing. I have just tried to expand my game and do what I can for the team.
Keith Langford: Well everyone, I have to get to practice. Thank you for the questions and keep being the best fans in the nation! Rock Chalk!
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