Feb. 13, 2005

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Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“I thought we executed well early in the game. Even though we struggled to score, we still got good shots and good looks. We went through stretches where if we couldn’t score, we still defended well. The game was tied at 17 and then we started to get some separation going into the lockerroom (at halftime). We have been in so many one-possession games, that it was important to get that basket right at the end of the half. Erica (Hallman) hit some shots. Kaylee (Brown) got some good looks. Sharita (Smith) came in and gave us some good energy. I thought we did a good job defending and not allowing them second and third opportunities. We were so much more aggressive in transition than we have been. I thought we did a good job finishing the first half. We came out with the same aggressiveness in the second half and forced Colorado to take a timeout early. We were trying to push and run in transition and maximize possessions. It’s important for us to maximize possessions in transition because at Oklahoma State we only scored four times in 19 possessions. We have to be better than that.”

On the team being prepared for this game:
“We have a great staff that does a great job scouting. They can identify tendencies and how we want to play certain players. We have told our players all year that we will develop a gameplan and it is their responsibility to execute. I thought we did a good job defensively today.”

On the upcoming games:
“Today’s game was important for us to gain confidence and grow from what we are doing well. There are some things that we struggled with but we will learn from mistakes too. I thought we were very disciplined today. This game gives us momentum and confidence, which is something this group needs. It (the upcoming games) is a difficult stretch but that’s what we all love about this league. We have tough competition staring us in the face against Texas Tech on Wednesday.”

On the role of the crowd:
“There was great energy in the crowd. Hats off to the marketing and promotions department for recognizing National Girls and Women in Sports day. There were a lot of former and current athletes that hopefully enjoyed the afternoon and got some love and recognition from the crowd. There was a lot of energy for our team and we really appreciate it.”

Junior Forward Crystal Kemp
On being one point shy of 1,000:
“It’s overwhelming in a way, but I am really excited about it. It’s going to be a long three days. I will probably lose a little sleep tonight, especially over missed shots that I overshot because of adrenaline and being so excited. I can wait, though. It’s a good wait.”

Senior Guard Aquanita Burras
On bouncing back after the Oklahoma State game:
“We just had a different mind set. We came out and tried to have fun with the game today. At the beginning, things weren’t falling for us, but we kept our composure and kept shooting the shots that we know we can normally hit and they started falling for us.”

On creating turnovers:
“That (getting turnovers) was our emphasis. The last game we forced only 10 (turnovers), so that was our big emphasis in this game.”

Junior Guard Kaylee Brown
On Kansas’ defense:
“Coach (Henrickson) was pushing us to pressure them(Colorado) more. I think we got up on them a little bit, made some people frustrated and got in their heads. That was what we wanted to do.”

On the upcoming game against Texas Tech:
“We need to play together and play well because they are a very good team.”

Colorado Head Coach Ceal Barry
On the game:
“I felt like our shot selection hurt us. We get impatient on the offensive end and don’t work at it hard enough. I felt like we beat ourselves offensively and the game got away from us. ”

On the first half:
“I thought (Yari) Escalera came off the bench and ran the team very well. For the first 13 minutes we played them (KU) pretty well head-to-head. That’s what we’ve done in most of our Big 12 games. After we get tired, we start taking bad shots. What Kansas showed was more discipline in shot selection. I thought they stayed with their game plan and did what they needed to do offensively. We didn’t do that. You can’t run the triangle (offense) and be impatient. We don’t have the one-on-one ability to do that and we were impatient with it.”

On the frustration of losing:
“I like this team. The players are like me, and we’re all frusterated. I think every member of the program, whether it is the assistant coach, head coach, the players, or everyone included in the program who works with the team on a daily basis are frustrated. This is probably the most frustrating experience for all of us.”

On the challenge of coaching:
“I think the challenge has come in the past six weeks when the Big 12 season started. Nobody anticipated a losing streak. I think the challenging thing is everyone begins to question if this is the right offense for the team, or if this is the right defense for this team. I think the challenge comes the two days to prepare for the next team. For me, I’m not used to changing things, so now the question is what do we need to do to change things. It’s been difficult.”

On coaching agaisnt KU:
“I’ve coached against Tamecka Dixon, Angela Aycock and Lynn Pride. They all presented their unique challenges. Marion (Washington) had excellent teams at KU in the 1990s. KU has had teams that play well together. It kind of depends on the era. For the past couple of years, they were where we are right now. I think Kansas is hungry to win.”

On Colorado’s turnovers:
“I think two things, impatience and frustration. Impatience has been a thing for us all year. Frustration has been a problem for us in the past five weeks.”

Junior Guard Whitney Law
On changing Colorado’s motivation:
“I think it starts with everyone believing in Coach Barry and our system. We have to buy into it and commit to it 100 percent. It has to start on the practice floor and with film. We have to commit to what we are doing. None of us are enjoying what is going on and we need to make a change. We need to do it Coach Barry’s way and Colorado’s way, not how we’ve been doing in the past.”

Freshman Forward Jackie McFarland
On playing in her home state of Kansas:
“Nobody wants to lose in front of family and friends who come to watch the game. You want to have a good game and come out with win, but they will be there for you no matter what.”