Q&A with Kansas senior Kuni Dorn

Feb. 13, 2010

LAWRENCE, Kan. – –

Q&A with Kansas senior Kuni Dorn

Kuni is a native of Sopron, Hungary and plans to graduate next year with a degree in journalism.

Q. How did you end up at Kansas?

A. I came to KU because of Edina (Horvath, former KU tennis player). I wanted to come to the US and I started talking with other coaches and everything and Edina sent me an e-mail that said, `Kuni, I heard that you wanted to come to the US. If you want to come, just come and talk to my coach.’

Q. How did you meet Edina?

A. I’ve known Edina since I was 12. We played in tournaments together.

Q. How did you make your decision to come?

A. I met with Coach Hall and decided to come. I didn’t come visit at all, I just trusted Edina.

Q. How did you overcome the language barrier?

A. My English wasn’t that good, so I was happy to spend my first year in the applied English center. It was nice not to have to start college without knowing the language. I really couldn’t speak English that well at all.

Q. Did you play tennis in high school?

A. I went to a sports high school where they tolerated sports. I was gone a lot because of tournaments and everything.

Q. How did you decide on majoring in journalism?

A. I had another Hungarian friend here that didn’t play any sports. I didn’t know her until I got here, but I met with her and she was majoring in journalism. I started in sports management, but I really didn’t like it that much, so I decided to just focus on advertising and marketing.

Q. What do you like about journalism?

A. I really like to work in groups or with somebody else and I really like to come up with ideas. I still haven’t decided whether I will go with PR or advertising, but I am more likely to go with advertising.

Q. How did you decide you liked advertising?

A. I really liked my 101 class, but I learned that I don’t like the reporting side as much. Then I took message development and loved it. The reporting stuff was harder for me because I couldn’t speak English very well, so I had a lot of tutoring. The news and editing was really hard for me. I also love talking to people, but it is difficult for me to interview someone that I don’t know very well. We had to interview someone from the military school and I was really nervous. It was a really formal interview and I was shaking the whole time.

Q. What are you planning on doing after graduation?

A. Edina moved to Miami and I’d really like to live close to her, so I’m going to try and find something there. I do not want to go back to Hungary at all. There are no jobs even for college graduates there. The college graduates will work in a movie theatre selling tickets or something. It’s really hard to find jobs and it’s hard to make money.