One-on-One With Josh Selby

Feb. 14, 2011


When people think of Josh Selby, they think of the high school all-star and top recruit who chose Kansas to be his home and is doing everything in his power to bring Kansas home another national championship. The Baltimore Md., native is known by Jayhawk fans across the nation for his remarkable three pointers, his slashing style and his superb alley-oops. However, very few have gotten to know the real Josh Selby besides what they see for 40 minutes on the court in a Crimson and Blue uniform. Many would be surprised to know that although he is all business on the court, there is an entertaining and funny side to the freshman guard who just might want to “D-Town Boogie” for fun or before a game to get himself ready to go.

Q: Bowling is your favorite activity outside of basketball, why is that?

A” “It always helped me get my mind off of things and I was able to be with my family and my circle (of friends).”

Q: Is there a particular reason why you started bowling?

A: “I started bowling because my uncle was mentally challenged and bowling was a time that I could really go and spend time with him.”

Q: You like to dance as your pregame ritual. What is your signature dance move?

A: “I like to do my own kind of dance moves, but I would have to say I like to do ‘The Dougie’ the most.”

What different dance moves or combination of dance moves do you like to do?

A: “I dance more like I am from Texas (than from the East Coast). I like to do ‘The Dougie’, but I also like to do to ‘The Dallas Jig’ when I am dancing.”

Who would your teammates say is the best dancer on the team?

A: “Well, I like to think that I am the best dancer on the team, but Mario (Little) is a good dancer, too.”

Q: What is your favorite part of the game?

A: “My favorite part of the game is the introduction video before the game. There’s just something about it I cannot describe. I also like the feeling I get when the game is over and I know we won the game.”

021411aab_324_6086905.jpegQ: What is your favorite shot on the court?

A: “I would have to say that a dunk is my favorite shot on the court and it is the easiest shot to make on the court.”

Q: How old where you when you first dunked?

A: “The first dunk I ever did was when I was 13.”

Q: What was your funniest basketball moment?

A: “My funniest basketball moment was when I was younger and I was going up for a dunk and I got hung up on the rim.”

Q: What is one thing that you cannot live without?

A: “One thing I cannot live without is my family and my circle; they are an important part of my life.”

Q: You picked your jersey number (32) because it was your mother’s number. Could you expand on the influence your mother had on your basketball career?

A: “She was always there for me, always there to encourage me and never let me quit even when I wanted to give up. She pushed me to be the person that I am today.”