Kansas 59, Kansas State 53

Feb. 13, 2012

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KANSAS 59, K-STATE 53Postgame QuotesFebruary 13, 2012

Head Coach Bill Self
On the two three-pointers Tyshawn Taylor made:
“We were scrambling, we did not have anything good going for us, for the most part. They had totally out whipped us to start the second half, for about ten minutes. I do not know the exact sequence, one of them was a broken floor lucky play, maybe a long rebound, he made one right after that, and that gave us a little bit of a cushion and we got it back to (Connor) Teahan, Tyshawn (Taylor) made some great plays, and he made some plays that were not so great, but those were certainly huge at that point.”

On the Triangle And Two defense
“We thought we would probably play it, but we wanted to make sure we had the right lineup to play it again. To me K-State, it is hard to do that against especially when (Jamar) Samuels makes shots, (Angel) Rodriguez, (Will) Spradling, and (Rodney) McGruder makes shots. We just tried to pick our spot, I do not know what the statistics were, but we did a pretty good job in it, that is when we were able to get a little bit of a lead.”

On facing Jamar Samuels for the final time:
“Well first of all, Jamar always makes threes when he plays against us. I do not know what it is on the year, but he has not been shooting the ball well at all. In the Big 12 tournament final he made a three, at our place he made two and tonight he made four. He always, to me, makes shots against us. The thing he did in the first half was that he kept K-State in the game, we did a great job defensively. Our first half defense was terrific, but he gets eleven of their eighteen, and seven of their first eight on the offensive boards for the most part. I thought he played very well.”

Senior Guard Tyshawn Taylor
On his big three pointer:
“That was a big shot for us, we really did not have anything going. They played good defense that possession and I just hit a tough one, that was just how it happened for us. It was a momentum for the team I went down and hit another one, it kind of spaced the lead out a little bit. (Angel) Rodriguez hit it, he kind of plucked it a little bit. I got it back and just came back into him full speed.”

On playing Triangle Defense:
“We have practiced it before, it use to work for us a lot when they had (Denis) Clemente and (Jacob) Pullen, it use to work a lot when we played them so we thought we would throw it out there when they had (Will) Spradling and (Rodney) McGruder in the game and it worked for us.”

On Thomas Robinson:
“Thomas is probably going to be the main focus for everyone on their scouting report when we play against them, they sent a lot of guys at him, they were rough with him down there, banging him up a little bit. I think Thomas played well, he passed it out of traps, he played hard on the boards and rebounded. I think when Thomas plays like that it opens up so much other stuff.”

Junior Center Jeff Withey
On offensive rebounds:
“They had all four guards coming in to attack, they are a physical team and we let a lot of balls slip away.”