2010 Cheer Tryouts Schedule Announced

Feb. 16, 2010

KU Athletics announces the 2010 Cheer tryouts schedule on May 8. Details are listed below. For more information, contact Cat Jarzemkoski at catj@ku.edu.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 am – 1 pm Prelims

10am – Check-in begins

10:00 – 10:30 – Warm up

10:30 – Introduction

10:40 – Begin prelims as follows:

Participants will be asked to perform the tumbling skills listed on the tryout Master Sheet. Each person will have two attempts at a basic stunt and a more advanced stunt with one of several partners provided. The stunts will not be announced until tryouts, but they are listed on the Tryouts page ( http://www.kucheer.com/tryouts ).

2 pm Finalists’ stunt series

Finalists will perform a basic stunt with multiple partners.

3 pm Finalists’ interviews, photos, fight song, and stunt time

Free stunt time for all participants; non-returners also take digital photos, interview, and practice the fight song.

3:45pm – returners must stop stunting.

4:30pm – all participants stop stunting.

6:30pm Finalists’ check in and warm up

7 pm-9 pm Finalists perform the following elements before the judges:

1. Tumbling pass

2. Fight song with standing bhs, tuck, or full at the end (on “Hawks!”)

3. Optional stunt (no transitions)

4. Chant

Squad selection results will be posted to kuathletics.com no earlier than 5:00pm on Tuesday.