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Feb. 17, 2007

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Kansas Postgame Quotes
Kansas 92, Nebraska 39
February 17, 2007

Head Coach Bill Self
On today’s performance:
“We kind of weathered the storm early and didn’t play great but put it together late. The whole key for us was just, `lets make a shot’, because we had wide open looks the way they played. Then we started to make a lot of shots and we shared the ball and played very well. I thought the whole team played well today.”

On today’s offensive strategy:
“The way they guarded us, we kind of took what they gave us. It’s one of those deals where you tell your team to be aggressive and to attack inside, but when they don’t guard you on the perimeter and just dare you to shoot it, it’s not exactly aggresive when you pass those shots up. I thought Sherron really sparked us in the first half because he started getting in the paint. Then Mario started getting in the paint and Russell started getting in the paint and the next thing you know we where shooting it off the pass-out penetration rather than just stationary movement.”

On Monday’s game versus Kansas State:
“We handled them pretty good at our place but that was not a true indication of the two teams because they are a lot better than that; we have got to be in the attack mode and be aggressive. I am sure Bramledge will be jumping like it hasn’t jumped in a long time. From what I understand they have done a good job with that. We know we have our work cut out for us. They have good players and they have a good team. This is obviously a big game for us for a lot of reasons. They are our in-state rivals, and even more than that, to win the league there is not much room for error.”

Sophomore Forward Brandon Rush
On the game:

“I did not think it was going to be this easy. We came in and got them on one of our better days, when everything was going right for us and they could not make any shots.”

On staying focused in a blowout game:
“It was not tough to stay focused. Sometimes we have that mode where we let the opponent come back, but today we just kept putting it to them. Things were falling right for us and things were not going right at all for them.”

Freshman Forward Darrell Arthur
On Nebraska Center Aleks Maric’s injury:
“I think he got hit in the stomach. When Sasha (Kaun) went up, I think he accidentally got him in the stomach, but I do not know for sure because I was not in at that time.”

On Junior Guard Brad Witherspoon’s bucket:
“We were happy. Everybody was jumping and down and the crowd was into it. It was just a really good moment.”

On the defensive play:
“We had to step-up because Sasha (Kaun) got two quick fouls at the beginning. I knew we had to come in with a big game, because (Aleks) Maric was coming off a 41 point game against K-State so everybody was trying to play tight against him. I think we did a pretty good job on him. He scored 12 points in the first half, but I think we still did a good job on him, and then when Sasha came back in the second half, he did a great job of contesting shots.”

Sophomore Guard Mario Chalmers
On Kansas’ play recently:
“I think everybody is just focusing in right now because we are trying to win the league. Right now we are tied with Texas A&M, so everybody is focused in and trying to get better everyday. We are playing a lot better right now, and we were able to knock down our shots so we have gotten on a role lately.”

Nebraska Head Coach Doc Sadler
On the game:

“The game was, I think, 18 to 18 with seven minutes to go (in the first half). The thing that concerns you is whether we can win the game or not. The things you did in the first 13 minutes of the game is to give yourself a chance — and Kansas wasn’t at that magic level so it allowed us to be in the game. Then, the last seven minutes of the half, we gave them 18 points and we can’t score enough points to give 18 free points away in seven minutes. And then (Kansas) got on a roll and we couldn’t stop them.”

The decision to rest the starters:
“We’re a thin basketball team. We know how fragile Marcus (Perry) is, we know how fragile Aleks (Maric) can be, and then Ryan (Anderson) has had issues. You have to make a decision — it’s not giving up — but there’s five more games that are important to us, I feel. I’ve said this before, we’re not out of this deal. We have four wins and I think that’s how many (Texas) A&M had last year before they had some good things happen to them. We’re playing for the NCAA tournament. We’ve got four wins (in the Big 12) and we’ve got five games left. Three are home games and two are road games. Obviously it’s going to be difficult (to get in the NCAA tournament), but I think any time you give yourself with four wins at this point, with those five games. We’re going to hope for (the best). We’re also trying to build a program. This isn’t the worst defeat that’s taken place in this building, and if it is, it’s just one loss. Kansas is better than us on many levels, from the coach on down.”

On Allen Fieldhouse:
“It’s a great place for college basketball. This is what Nebraska football is like. Any time you get to play in a place like this, I told my team, enjoy it. This is the difference between going to a BCS school to a mid-major or low-major. Those guys don’t get a chance to play in places like this. Do I wish we played better? Sure, but we didn’t.”

Junior Forward Aleks Maric
On the game:

“It is hard. Anytime you lose by this much it is natural to get down, but we just have to move on.”

On what there is still to play for:
“There is definitely still a lot to play for. We have five more games, three at home, so the schedule is in our favor. If we can somehow win our last five games, then we will be at 9-7 and that will get us back on the NCAA Tournament bubble. We would be in good position to reach postseason play. Every teams’ goal is to make it to the NCAA Tournament.”

On Coach Sadler after the game:
“He was disappointed but that is going to happen when you lose a game like this. He talked about everything with us. What happened today and what we need to do moving forward.”

Senior Guard Charles Richardson Jr.
On the game:
“I am glad it is over with. I am glad to get this game out of the way. Just like last time when we lost to them, we just have to look forward to the game ahead. After the last time they kicked our butts we were able to go and get two road wins. We have to build off this and win our next game. I don’t think we can really draw any positives from this game, but we can watch film on the game and learn from our mistakes and go from there.”

On how the game got away:
“The crowd started to really get in the game and they got some fastbreaks. Coach said if we withstand the first five minutes we would be in good shape. We did that but we became content and got away from our gameplan. The way we are, we have to play a perfect game to beat them with our lack of size and depth.”