Keith Langford Chat

Ashley Holcomb, KSKeith What do you do to get yourself ready for each game? Just out of curiosity how many pairs of shoes do you have?

LANGFORD: To get ready before every game I play PlayStation with my friend Jack that lives down the hall from me. Of course, that is before every home game. We always play Madden or NBA Live. I have somewhere between 40 and 50 basketball shoes.

NevinKeith: What are you doing differently that would explain your improved FT shooting?

LANGFORD: I think I try to focus a little bit more. I really try to pay attention to what the coaches tell me to do. That is part of being a better player, listening to the people around you. Bend your knees, focus and follow through.

Kristin (Cleveland, OH)Hi Keith!! Is it true that you frequently change your shoes at halftime? If so, how on earth do you acquire so many pairs of shoes?? Thanks and good luck for the rest of the season!! 🙂

LANGFORD: It is true. I change shoes at halftime.

Sara – Hays: What one aspect of your game do you feel is critical to the success of your team?

LANGFORD: The main aspect is that I get consistent and play as hard as possible and everything else will take care of itself.

Stevon Amarillo TX: Keith I am a die hard fan of yours, and I want to know how you feel about playing in such an environment such as Allen Fieldhouse?

LANGFORD: It is a great environment. I have really enjoyed my years playing here.

Bryce (Lawrence): What was your most memorable home game to date? Your most memorable game away from the Phog? (I mean a GOOD memory)

LANGFORD: In the fieldhouse, probably my first year beating Missouri by 30. Also, my junior year shutting down the Hearnes Center on Senior Night.

Tiffany Zechel Lees Summit: Do you think KU or MU is better? Who is more likely to win the Championships?(give me your honest answer)

LANGFORD: Tiffany, giving you my unbiased opinion, I would have to say KU is better and just a little bit more likely to win a championship.

DJ (Manhattan): What is the best part of playing with your class of seniors?

LANGFORD: The best part of playing with these seniors is the relationship we have off the court.

Seth (Pittsburg): Are you going to go to the NBA?

LANGFORD: One way or another.

Heidi (Arlington, NE): Hi Keith, I love watching you and the Jayhawks play. It is so exciting and I am always up and jumping, especially when the score is close. I enjoy you seniors. Jeff Boschee was my favorite, but after he left you became my new favorite!!! I was wondering why you switch shoes at halftime. Did this start in high school or at Kansas? Also, do you plan on going pro? I hope you get a chance to answer my question!

LANGFORD: I started changing shoes at halftime in high school. It was something that my mom started me doing. I do hope to play pro one day. Thanks for the question and I am glad I’m your favorite.

Elizabeth: Hey Keith! What do you think is best about playing for Kansas? And what Big 12 team do you enjoy playing the most, why? Thanks for your time.

LANGFORD: The best thing about playing for Kansas is obviously the fans. It means so much to them that it can’t help but mean that much to us also. I like playing all the Big 12 teams. It’s always fun and always intense.

Kristy,Wichita: What is your one of your favorite memory being part of the men’s basketball team?

LANGFORD: Just being with the guys on the road, in the dorms, in the locker room, everything about it.

Ashley (Mentor): Hi Keith I just want to say first that I love you! I’m a left handed basketball player too so I really try and watch what you do. But my question is would you like to play North Carolina in the NCAA championship and show Roy Williams up? I’ve already made bets that Kansas will win if this happens so I know you guys won’t let me down.

LANGFORD: Ashley, I love you too. Playing against Coach Williams would be real hard to do because I have so much respect for him. If Kansas and North Carolina played, I know it would be a great game. It would be one to remember for the ages.

Kevin Iverson (Boise, Id): What’s up man? I’ve enjoyed watching you mature and grow through your four years. What are your goals after school and basketball?

LANGFORD: My goals after school are to play some kind of professional ball, hopefully in the NBA. If not, I want to work something in basketball like a sales rep for Nike or something like that.

Julie (Milwaukee): Hey Keith, you are an amazing basketball player! I heard that you are superstitious about changing your shoes at halftime if you feel you are not having a good game. I was wondering, when, where, or how did that superstition start? Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

LANGFORD: That started in high school with my mom. I had a special pair of shoes I wore every game and one time I didn’t wear them. Going into halftime she told me to change my shoes. I did it and came out in the second half and played well. So every time that happened she would scream from the stands to change the shoes and it stuck with me.

Leavenworth: I’m a 7’0” shooting guard as a freshman in high school. Do I need to get taller to compete in college ball? (division 1)

LANGFORD: If you’re really a 7-0 foot shooting guard, that is incredible. I don’t think size really matters to compete in college ball. You have to have the heart, determination and the will to win to get better.

Millersburg: What are you majoring in?

LANGFORD: I’m majoring in strategic communications

Jessie!! St. Marks, KS: Who is your best friend and what is your best memory with that person??!!

LANGFORD: My best friend lives in Fort Worth, Texas. His name is Jeremy Brown. I have known him since I was 11 years old and we have done everything together. He’s a real stand up person. I would do anything for him and he would do anything for me.

Jordan: Have you found out you stole your championship rings?

LANGFORD: No, I have not found out.

Britt Thedinger (Omaha. NE): Keith, after you leave Kansas, what will you want to be known for, and what kind of legacy do you want this 2004-2005 Jayhawk team to leave behind?

LANGFORD: I just want to be known as a winner. Someone who didn’t make excuses, who played tough, and always put the team before himself.

Scott Pittsburgh: Hi Keith, who is your favorite NBA player and team?

LANGFORD: My favorite NBA player is Kobe Bryant. My favorite team is either the Heat or the Pacers.

Erik Gnagy Dana Point: Keith when you want to, you are unstoppable on the offensive glass. Will you make a commitment to rebound come tourney time?

LANGFORD: When push comes to shove, I will make the commitment to do anything.

Bryan. Libby, Montana: What were your thoughts the first time you ran onto the court to play your first game as a Jayhawk?

LANGFORD: I was so nervous I didn’t want to play.

Tyler (Lexington, Ky.): What other schools did you consider coming out of high school, and why did you pick Kansas?

LANGFORD: It was Cincinnati, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Baylor. In the end it came down to Kansas and Cincinnati and I chose Kansas because my mom wanted me to be closer to home and my family is real close.

Sue (Kansas City): You are so cute, do you have a significant other? I hope you reach 2,000 points!

LANGFORD: Thank you for the compliment. Thanks, I hope I reach 2,000 points also.

Megan (St. Louis): Is your “K” tattoo on your arm for “Kansas”, “Keith”, or both?

LANGFORD: I got the tattoo when I was 16 years old. It’s for Keith.

Blake (Ohio): Huge fan of yours Keith. I was just wondering if now that your senior season is winding down if you have achieved your goals that maybe you set as a freshman. Or if you have done all you’ve wanted to do. (Other than win a National Championship…which will happen this year!)

LANGFORD: I have accomplished the majority of things I wanted to since I have been in college. I want to graduate and win a national championship.

Mark , Buffalo: Keith, I’ve been watching you play at Kansas for four years and I admire they way you get into the lane for easy baskets. What will you guys need to accomplish in order to bring home a national championship?

LANGFORD: Everything in our power Mark. Everything in our power.

Goodfellow AFB, TX (Topeka native): Like everyone else I have really enjoyed watching you for 4 years. Thanks for the memories, looking forward to a few more….. We know you’re focused right now on finishing out the rest of the conference season strong…. but if you were to take just a minute and think about a future in the NBA…if it was up to you which of the former KU greats now in the NBA would you most like to team up with……Chicago….Seattle….Boston? Thanks and nice shot against G-tech

LANGFORD: It doesn’t matter, any of them.

Eddie (Kansas City): Who has been the toughest player you have had to guard so far this season?

LANGFORD: Probably Ronald Ross from Texas Tech.

Kent Carson: Keith “SUPERMAN” Langford, can I get a pair of your unlucky shoes? Really, how do you handle the balance of school and a demanding athletic sport such as basketball, I can hardly handle school?

LANGFORD: It’s tough balancing school and basketball. You have to sacrifice a lot of little things.

Tee-Tee: Keith, I was wanting to know since you will be graduating this year and more than likely attending the prestigious (ha-ha) NBA academy would you still frequent the Lawrence area?

LANGFORD: I have made a lot of friends here and I like the Lawrence community but that remains to be seen.

Shellie (Salina): Do you have any shoes (style) you changed out of at half time and have not worn since?

LANGFORD: No, I do not.

Andover Kansas: How do you have such amazing body control when you slash to the basket, and always make the amazing shot?

LANGFORD: It came from high school. When I was a freshman and sophomore I would have to go against a bigger guy so I would have to do something so they wouldn’t block my shot. When I moved to the wing and started to drive, that helped me out.

David,Wichita: What competition did you have with Kirk Hinrich when he was here?

LANGFORD: I used to try and match up with Kirk as much as possible. Obviously he’s a great player and I learned a lot from him.

Matt (Rochester, MN): Keith: What do you attribute to your significant improvement in outside shooting this year? Keep it up!! Rock Chalk!!!!

LANGFORD: Repetition. Shooting, shooting, confidence and seeing the ball go through the hoop.

Andrew Leona: Does the noise at the game bother you and your teammates playing well? Is there a chance that you can tape the CHANT that everybody says when you are winning a game or about to win?

LANGFORD: The noise does not bother us. After a while you zone out., especially when you are on the road. I don’t know if I can get a tape of the chant.

Aaron Fimreite (Andover): Thanks for being such a tough and excellent player as you’ve dealt with many bumps & bruises this season. I hope you make the winning shot in the Championship Game in St Louis! My question is this: It seems consistent that new players always step up at KU when the lottery picks go to the NBA. Who do you see as the standout player(s) for next year when you, Wayne, Aaron and Michael are gone?

LANGFORD: I think all of them are going to have to step up. It remains to be seen who will step up to the challenge because you never know what someone is capable of. All it takes is a time and opportunity.

Shelby, Liberty, NE: How does it feel to be a senior, and who has inspired you the most?

LANGFORD: It feels great to be a senior. My mom has inspired me the most.

Nigel (Lawrence): I just had to say that you’re a great writer, Keith. After your NBA career, are you going to pursue a job in writing? Who do you want to write for? Good luck the rest of the way!

LANGFORD: I want to do something in journalism. I don’t know if it’s writing yet. Obviously that is an option.

Becky Dyer Hutchinson: Keith, huge KU fan here! My question is, how many pairs of shoes do you bring to each game? And, do you re-use them if you change at halftime?? GO KU!

LANGFORD: I bring about three or four pairs of shoes to every away game. Yes, I do reuse them if I change at halftime.

St.Marks: Hey we are watching you play. .its Valentines Day. .but umm. .wats it like playing at KU?! thanks for your time!!!! YOUR AWESOME!! :]!!

LANGFORD: It’s great playing at KU and happy belated Valentines Day.

wichita: I really love you and I met you at a camp in the summer in Lawrence and I hope you go this there so I can see you again. I also sent u a happy birthday card with a picture you took with me.

LANGFORD: Thank you for the birthday card. I am not sure if I will be at the camp but I wish you the best.

Andrea, Overland Park: What would be your main piece of advice to incoming freshman players for next year?

LANGFORD: Listen to the people around you. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be oblivious. Stay away from the boys. Try to limit going out all the time.

Andrew Crenshaw from Hoover, Alabama: How did u get so good at basketball

LANGFORD: A lot of it is God given. A lot of it is hard work. You decide how good you want to be and no one else can do that for you. It’s every day doing extra things, more than what the coach tells you. It takes a lot of hard work.

Charles: how does it feel to be the big star on campus and around the united states

LANGFORD: I don’t feel like a big star. I just like being on a good team that is recognized by a lot of people.

jaronnw white kck: Keith Langford do you have time to come and talk to Washington high school in Kansas City, Kansas. If so can you come and talk to us about teamwork and academics.

LANGFORD: We can see about that. Send an email to the basketball office and maybe we can set something up after the season.

Sean ONeal-Killeen, Tx./Lawrence, Ks.: Keith, With your progression from year to year at KU, what will you miss the most about KU, and the city of Lawrence? Thank you Keith

LANGFORD: I will miss all the fans, my teammates and being recognized by the community and having all of that support.

R.J., Lincoln: Do you feel like the team is not getting enough respect because you are not blowing teams out by twenty or thirty points like Illinois or North Carolina?

LANGFORD: I feel like the team is getting plenty of respect. You can’t be worried about what people are saying about other teams. The only thing you can control is what is going on with your team and that is what I try to do.

St.Marks: How long have you played basketball?! (out of your whole life) wat age did you start?!

LANGFORD: I started playing basketball in the seventh grade.

Matt (St. Louis):What is your favorite thing to get at Jack in the Box?

LANGFORD: bacon and cheddar potato wedges.