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Feb. 18, 2007

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Kansas Postgame Quotes
Kansas 82, Kansas State 74
February 18, 2007

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the crowd:

“There was great energy and a great crowd. We really appreciate all the people in blue being here. It is big for the kids and they are able to feed off of that tremendous energy. When you are into overtime and double-overtime the energy from the crowd really gives the kids an extra bounce. I couldn’t be happier for the kids and couldn’t be happier for our fans. It is a great rivalry and a great game for people to come into the fieldhouse and watch. I’m just excited to be on the right end of one.”

On the energy:
“The consistency of our effort was great. I thought defensively we were really good early. We didn’t defend the on ball screen at their place. We started by not defending it very well, then grew to play with a little more confidence. These are young kids who were a little bit hesitant to jump out and be that aggressive on the ball, worrying about a step-back three.”

On free throw shooting:
“We were driving the struggle bus from the free throw line again and it shouldn’t have been that exciting if we would have made our free throws. We made them when they counted in overtime and double-overtime.”

On Kelly Kohn:
“She played with confidence and took good shots. She played aggressive. That is were she is going to lead you to win some days. She takes her teammates on her back.”

On outrebounding KSU 50-39:
“I thought our pursuit was good. I thought they got a couple of clean looks early on the glass in the first half. Then I thought we did a good job of protect first, then go get the possession. We have got to win the battle of the stat line and we had some success there (in Manhattan) and it was important for us to do that again today.”

On Oklahoma:
“They’ve had a run in this league for a long time. Courtney Paris is obviously one of the best players in the country and her presence is big and dominating. We’ll have a game plan and get after it this afternoon.”

Senior Guard Shaquina Mosley
On the Kansas-Kansas State series:
“Sharita (Smith) has been here the longest so she knows more about the history (of these two teams) than anyone else on our team does. It felt really good to finally get a win. Even in practice I had the mentality that we really needed to play hard for Sharita.”

On the final minutes:
“Bonnie (Henrickson) was running plays where there were on-ball screens. I was coming off screens trying to kick the ball to Danielle (McCray) or get Kelly (Kohn) an open look. I was just trying to get anyone the available shot.”

On Danielle McCray:
“She is a great player. She is more confident now with her shot and we have faith in her. We know that when she shoots the ball it has a good shot of going in. We are just excited to have her shooting well and we are really happy that she stepped it up tonight.”

Freshman Forward Danielle McCray
On playing against K-State as a Kansas native:

“This game means a lot. Ever since I began watching Kansas play K-State. I can remember watching all of the losses that Kansas went through. It was a huge game for me, especially because I have played with a lot of the girls on K-State. It was a great feeling. It has always been a goal for me to beat them.”

Freshman guard Kelly Kohn
On Danielle McCray:

“Danielle was unbelievable today from the three-point line. The consistency that she has shown in her shot and her ability to step up in crucial times is huge, especially for a freshman.”

On Kansas’ defense:
“We are always a pretty good team when we emphasize taking away our opponent’s strength. In practice we have been able to play defense with our hands up. Today, we kept in mind that they shoot threes to keep themselves in the games and we needed to contain them in order to get a win.”

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson
On the game:

“It was a gutsy, good win by Kansas over our basketball team today. Obviously, Danielle McCray had a tremendous day. Defensively, we did not answer the aggressiveness and attack that Kansas brought to the floor, particularly from (Shaquina) Mosley and (Kelly) Kohn. The numbers speak to the obvious there. I felt like we were dominated on the boards, defensively and in the end, we let KU score about one-third more than their scoring average in the Big 12. It is tough to win a game when you are competing at that level. Somehow we found a way to push the game into overtime and then had an opportunity to win the game at the foul line and could not convert there. When it came to making real big plays and baskets, KU stepped-up and we did not step-up to the level that they did, and I thought that was the difference in the game. Certainly they dominated us statistically, and yet we found ourselves pushing the game into overtime and making the game as simple as making some foul shots was pretty significant. Disappointing day for us, with the exception of seeing Kimberly Dietz getting her penetration back after struggling for several games. We got a great game out of Ashley Sweat and a good game out of Claire Coggins. What we have found through this stretch is that three offensive players is not enough to win in this league. And if you only have three offensive players, you certainly have to play a much higher level of defense and commit to the boards at a higher level than we brought today. Just a great win by Kansas. The difference was a young freshman stepping up and making plays, and Shaq getting easy baskets down the stretch. The playmaking ability of Kansas separated them as opposed to what we brought to the floor.”

On the winning streak against KU:
“We really had not talked about it, it is not the way we like to approach things. There is always a lot emotion about the KU and K-State game because it is a rivalry. But at this point in the season, we are only concerned with what our next challenge is. We assume that the emotion is going to be there for both teams and I think it was.”

On Danielle McCray and Shaquina Mosley:
“Danielle McCray stepped up big time. Shaq just continued her streak of good play the last three or four games. I’m disappointed that we did not contain her better, especially in big playmaking possessions down the stretch. We just had to face a really good one-on-one penetrator at that point.”

Kansas State Senior Forward Claire Coggins
On the game:

“It is disappointing. We had two overtimes today, and we fought hard. Both teams fought hard. It is always going to be a tough game between K-State and KU. Credit KU for coming out and playing really tough and aggressive. I am sure it was a great game for fans everywhere to watch and I think you can expect that out of this kind of game.”

On Kansas Forward Danielle McCray:
“Credit her. She’s a freshman and she stepped-up. She has got a lot of potential to be good. She is good now. She did a really good job on us today, and she came out confident. You do not see that a whole lot in freshman, however, Ashley Sweat is a freshman and she came out and had a great day for us. I guess it does not matter what year you are, if you want to be a player and you want to be in the Big 12, you are going to come out and play hard. And she did that for KU today, and they are lucky that they have her for three more years.”

On staying poised in the second half:
“I think it took a good deal of courage and consistency by our team to stay positive. We have battled through most of this year, and have gone through ups-and-downs. We know not to give up or give in during the game. The first half was not very good shooting, but the second half was better. We are just going to keep fighting because that is what you have to do.”

On the crowd environment:
“I think it has always been the same. We had a lot of purple in the crowd today and they were loud. There is always a lot of Kansas fans that come out and support their team. This has always been my favorite game of the year. It is always fun to play here. Today is more disappointing but this is a great game for both of these teams and it will continue to be awesome.”