Q&A with Senior Rower Lindsey Lawrence

Feb. 18, 2010


Kansas senior Lindsey Lawrence is a four-year member of the rowing team. Named Newcomer of the Year as a freshman, Lawrence has spent all four seasons competing as a member of the First Varsity Eight boat including the boat that set the school record for 2000 meters at 6:26.2 at the South/Central Regional regatta last April.

Lawrence recently took some time to answer a few questions about the upcoming rowing season.

How are practices going?

LL: “Practice is going well. We did some erg testing not too long ago. We did 5000 meters on the erg and everyone did well. We are still inside rowing on the machines and lifting weights. That’s going really well. It’s starting to warm up and we’re hoping to get our first days on the water really soon.”

What does erg testing entail?

LL: “We do a long time on the machines doing different lengths. We’ll have erg tests that will be 5000 meters. Everyone sets their ergs and it’s kind of like a race and you see how fast you can get those 5000 meters done. We’ve spent a lot of time doing that.”

Some head-to-head races have been added to the early portion of the schedule, how do those races help the team?

LL: “It’s great because before we weren’t hitting our peak until late in the season. By the time of regionals we were really getting up to our peak. This year we’ll hit our peak sooner. It will help to race head-to-head sooner so that we can have some experience before the bigger events like the Big 12 Championship. Our first race might be our first time on the water so we need to get as many races in before the Big 12 Championship.”

How are the novice rowers progressing?

LL: “We have different practice time. I talked to the coaches and they said they (the novice rowers) are coming around really well and hopefully they’ll have a strong season as well.”

What is the team’s main goal this season?

LL: “Our main goal is to win the Big 12 Championship this year. That is definitely attainable. We definitely want to win against Kansas State, Texas and Oklahoma and to do well at regionals, but at the top of our list is winning the Big 12.”

Being a senior this is your last season, are you and the fellow seniors stepping into the leadership role?

LL: “This semester especially, the rest of the seniors and I are realizing this is the last time ever to compete and to row. We’re starting to understand that this is the time to kick it into gear and have no regrets for this season and leave everything out there that we can. Until you’re a senior you don’t feel that this is the last chance you have to get your goals accomplished. You don’t know what your goals are. I want to do the best I can and win the Big 12.”