Postgame Quotes - KU 4, TCU 3

Feb. 20, 2011


Kansas first baseman Zac Elgie

On the win over No. 1 TCU:

“First off what a game, to come in a place like this with the big crowd, to be in the game, you have to give credit to (relief pitcher) Colton (Murray). To go that long, pitch six innings, and to (starting pitcher) Tanner (Poppe), it was just a great thing to be a part of.”

On breaking out offensively on Sunday:

“I think we just needed to relax a little bit. I mean it’s against the No. 1-ranked team. There is a lot expected of us because Coach (Ritch) Price has done so well against No. 1-ranked teams. We just have to go out there and be ourselves, we are a new team, we don’t have the stars that we did last year, so we had to go out there and make our own identity.”

On beating No. 1:

“It’s a whole team effort, everyone is in the ballgame and you need everyone playing for you. To have the teammates rooting for you in a hostile environment, you need that kind of support and to have that really went a long way for us.”

Kansas relief pitcher Colton Murray

On his day:

“I’ve been thrown into situations like that to get out of a jam, but not that many jams.”

On having to pitch seven innings of relief:

“I knew I had the drive to go that long, but I haven’t had to pitch that many innings since high school. I just knew I had to get out there every inning and gave it all I had.”