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Feb. 23, 2013

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Kansas 74, TCU 48
Nov. 5, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Kansas head coach Bill Self
On the game overall:

“We played well in the first half. They missed shots, but we guarded them and the ball moved great for us. We executed and were efficient. In the second half we just kind of got through it. That wasn’t very good playing at all in the second half. I was disappointed on how we competed in the second half defensively, but it was certainly a good win. The thing I’m disappointed most in is if our starters would’ve taken care of business, then everyone else would’ve had a chance to play ample minutes. We messed around and didn’t get it done. That was disappointing for the kids who practice so hard and don’t get a chance to play as much. It was a good win though. Hopefully, we can go to Iowa State and play like we did the first half and not like we did in the second half.”

On the opportunity of Monday’s game against Iowa State:
“We haven’t really played that well on the road since the Ohio State game. We’ve won some games but it hasn’t been because we played really well. We just hung in there and figured out a way to win like we did on Wednesday night against Oklahoma State. We are going to have to go play a (solid) game in Ames because they have guys that can score. We are going to have to make shots and be efficient. When we execute, we’re pretty good at doing that, but we haven’t done that consistently on the road in places that are loud where our communication isn’t great. This needs to be a special game that we play on Monday night.”

On preparing for Iowa State:
“They’re good and they score easier than anyone in our league. I’ve said that all year long, and it’s true. We have to do a great job individually, defensively and our ball screening has to be great. We were fortunate we got a win the first time. I really think that we have a great opportunity going there to beat a dangerous team. We are going to have to play our best game away from home.”

On the 115th year anniversary of Kansas basketball:
“It’s great to get these guys back. About 200 guys came back, so there will be about 450 people there at dinner tonight. Two-hundred players coming back is a great number. I know we had about 25 cancellations due to the weather in different locations but I know the crowd did a great job at recognizing those guys that gave their heart and soul to this place.”

On planning for the anniversary dinner:
“It’s not what I do so much as what marketing and the Williams (Educational) Fund does to put these alumni dinners together. They play a huge role in orchestrating these events and getting them set up. It kind of runs itself when you start to think of all these guys coming back and seeing their teammates. For some of them it may be their last chance to come back and see their teammates. I’m excited for them to be here and I was proud they got to see at least one good half of play.”

Senior center Jeff Withey:
On how this game compared to the teams’ meeting earlier this season:

“When we were down there they came out and kind of hit us in the mouth. Today we came out with a lot of energy and had a really quick start. We learned from the loss down there and the two that followed. This experience has led to us winning four in a row now.”

On controlling the boards:
“It was a very physical game and the refs let us play. We have a lot of bodies that we throw out there and we always make sure to make the emphasis on rebounding. We had guys like Perry (Ellis) and Jamari (Traylor) come in and keep rebounding. It wasn’t just them; our guards were grabbing boards and helping us out.”

On playing at Iowa State on Monday:
“They have crazy fans that are very close to the court. It’s a great environment, kind of like the Fieldhouse but not as good. It’s going to be crazy up there. Historically, we haven’t done all that well in Aimes, but this is for a conference championship and if we win our next couple of road games we should be fine.”

Freshman guard Ben McLemore:
On the win tonight:

“Tonight, we played as a team. We got a lot of stops and shared the ball. Down there it seemed like we didn’t really have anything going. Tonight, though, we had a lot of momentum and really wanted to come out and get the win and that’s what we did.”

Freshman forward Perry Ellis:
On how this game builds his confidence:

“It all starts in practice. Jeff (Withey) and Kevin (Young) really help me out, they keep pushing me to really step up to the next level. It was really just a great game today.”

On his progress:
“Every game I feel like I’m getting more comfortable. So this time is really helping me figure out the offense and get more into the flow of the game.”

TCU head coach Trent Johnson
Opening statement:

“Obviously they were upset. I don’t know what for. We struggle to score, especially when we play people like (Kansas). They’re very talented. It was very interesting, but there were some positives from our standpoint. The first positive was that we got here last night and had an hour of practice. Then, we had a chance to tour the facility. I’m a big basketball historian and a big basketball guy. Phog Allen (Fieldhouse) was eye-opening for us. These are a lot of the big things I talk about regardless of if you’re a junior, senior or sophomore. When you get a chance to experience something like this, you don’t want to take it for granted. There was a neat time for us when we were coming to the arena. (Former KU player) JoJo White was leaving the hotel. Our guys know who Paul Pierce is, but JoJo White, they don’t get that. Then, in the second half, I thought we made them sweat a little bit. But (Kansas) is right. They’re right.”

“They could score every which way they wanted to. They are a lot better than we are and that’s pretty much it.”

On comparing the game in Fort Worth with Saturday’s game:
“I don’t even remember much of what happened (against Kansas in Fort Worth). I understand we won that game, but the game we won down there should probably count for six wins. From our standpoint, we struggled to score (in the first half). I evaluate us off of shot selection. We got a lot of good open shots. I’m talking five or six in the first half, which is a lot for a team against a team like Kansas. When the ball doesn’t go down, and when you don’t shoot well from the free throw line, it puts a lot of pressure on the defense. At our place, we played extremely well and they helped us a lot, because they had a lot of things going on in that game where they didn’t make shots. That’s a long time ago for me.”

On bracing his team for the environment at Allen Fieldhouse:
“I’ve always been a very even-keeled, competitive person. I respect the game, the players and the coaches, but once that thing is thrown up, it’s about competing and fighting for every possession. I didn’t talk anything about that, and contrary to what people believe who haven’t been around me, I didn’t talk much about if it’s Kansas or Kentucky or the competition. I do talk about the history of the game. I do talk about playing the game right. I do talk about playing together. Kids nowadays, most of them, don’t listen anyhow. We have three guys on our team who didn’t know Wilt Chamberlain played (at Kansas).”

Sophomore forward Devonta Abron
On his team’s first half performance:

“We started out kind of badly. All we could have done is keep our heads up and play through it and knock down open shots.”

On TCU coach Trent Johnson’s halftime speech:
“He told us we’ve got to come out with more intensity and more fire. We kept getting open shots and he told us to knock them down.”

On if he could sense an angry KU team:
“They came out ready and on fire. They had what it took. They got it done and they came out and played great defense.”