Big 12 Indoor Championships - Day Quotes

Feb. 23, 2013

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Big 12 Track and Field Champions

Lindsay Vollmer
Women Indoor Pentathlon

What does it feel like to be a Big 12 champion?
“I came in ranked first, but I knew I was going to have to work my butt off. It was a challenge for sure. It was so exciting because I have wanted to win the gold since last year.”

Did you do as well as you expected?
“I always come in with really high expectations. Of course there were some events I think I could have even done a little better in. On the whole I was so happy with my performance and I did what I needed to.”

Francine Simpson
Women Long Jump

How did your day go today?
“It was a good day for me. I came in with the mind set to just have fun and compete hard. I am really happy with the win.”

What contributed to setting a record and personal best?
“Today I was more relaxed. I ran through the last four steps giving it everything I had. My confidence is high right now. I am so happy I PR’ed and I am ready to go.”

Alex Bishop
Mens Pole Vault

How does it feel being the Big 12 champion?
“It is awesome. It feels really awesome. It honestly just kind of happened. We all came in knowing what we needed to do. It was really exciting for myself and it was exciting to watch my other teammates do well.”