Student-Athletes Participate in Etiquette Training

March 1, 2006


KU student-athletes recently took part in a real-life class that isn’t found in any academic catalog. On Monday evening, 94 student-athletes representing every KU sport took part in a 2 1/2 hour etiquette dinner at the Memorial Union hosted by Student-Athlete Support Services and the University Career Center.

“The purpose of the evening was to introduce our student-athletes to a professional dining experience and an opportunity to network with potential employers,” said Laura Jacobsen, the evening’s organizer for Student-Athlete Support Services. “This is a commitment athletics has made to do all we can to help our student-athletes have successful careers once they leave KU. These student-athletes are used to playing by the rules. We’re trying to introduce them to the new rules of life after sports.”

Etiquette specialist Catherine Corey was on hand to guide student-athletes through a reception and four-course dinner. Each table was hosted by a representative from 19 national and local employers. Every aspect from proper dress to use of a myriad of dining silverware was covered with the hopes of easing any anxiety a student-athlete might encounter in an interview setting.