Kansas Tennis Defeats New Orleans 4-0

March 8, 2010


After losing to Tulane on Saturday, the Kansas tennis team rebounded with a convincing 4-0 defeat of New Orleans Sunday. The win improved the Jayhawks to 6-4.

Kansas started the day of with strong doubles play, winning at all three spots. No. 1 doubles team Ekaterina Morozova and Erin Wilbert defeated UNO’s Matsumoto and Escobar 8-1. KU’s No. 2 tandem of Sara Lazarevic and Kunigunda Dorn defeated New Orleans 8-3 and No. 3 team Maria Martinez and Victoria Khanevskaya won 8-5.

Singles play also proved successful for the Jayhawks as Morozova, Martinez and Khanevskaya all recorded victories in straight-sets. Dorn, Wilbert and Lazarevic did not finish their singles matches as darkness cut the day short.

KU will return home to host Saint Louis at Jayhawk Tennis Facility at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 13.

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Kansas 4, University of New Orleans 0

Singles competition

1. Ekaterina Morozova (KAN) def. Kozue Matsumoto (UNOW) 6-0, 6-1

2. Cassandra Escobar (UNOW) vs. Sara Lazerevic (KAN) 6-3, 1-3, unfinished

3. Maria Martinez (KAN) def. Kristina Martic (UNOW) 6-2, 6-1

4. Amber Garza (UNOW) vs. Kunigunda Dorn (KAN) 4-6, 0-3, unfinished

5. Ceara Howey (UNOW) vs. Erin Wilbert (KAN) 1-6, 2-4, unfinished

6. Victoria Khanevskaya (KAN) def. Sofija Karalic (UNOW) 6-1, 6-1

Doubles competition

1. Ekaterina Morozova/Erin Wilbert (KAN) def. Kozue Matsumoto/Cassandra Escobar (UNOW) 8-1

2. Sara Lazerevic/Kunigunda Dorn (KAN) def. Amber Garza/Ceara Howey (UNOW) 8-3

3. Maria Martinez/Victoria Khanevskaya (KAN) def. Sofija Karalic/Kristina Martic (UNOW) 8-5