March 9, 2005

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Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson: Credit to Missouri for sustaining our run in the middle minutes of the second half, for being aggressive off the dribble, making some layups in that stretch where we struggled to score.

Certainly we’re disappointed with our offensive execution and performance in the second half. But as I told this group in the locker room, as much as this hurts, as much as it stings, in time and it needs to hurt for a while as competitive as this group is, we can’t let it overshadow our growth this year, how proud we are as a staff.

The growth we’ve had this year isn’t enough, obviously, because we’re not in the post-season. We don’t have a winning record. But it’s growth that was important for us this year. We understand as a group we need the same amount of growth next year for those kids that are returning.

Junior Crystal Kemp: I think Missouri picked up their defensive pressure. I think we were starting to rush a few things and trying to create things and not run our offense, what was working for us in the beginning. Yeah, I did. But we fell short of a victory, and I would rather have, you know, two points and a win than 35 and a loss.

I think it’s definitely a plus for us, especially how we’ve grown throughout the year, the fact that Ericaand I and Kaylee are going to be seniors. I mean, it’s just extra momentum going into next year. We already have a year under our belt under Coach Henrickson. The fact that we’re going to be seniors I think is a plus because we know what to expect and we know how to lead the team now. We’ve learned from the seniors that are leaving us now also.

Junior Erica Hallman: Yeah, I thought it got away from us. We got some open looks, but wedidn’t knock it down. We just weren’t as efficient as we were in the first half in the second half, particularly down the stretch, the last six minutes or so. But you’ve got to give them credit. They came out and played hard for the whole game.

They got the win.

I feel like we’re very fortunate to be seniors. We’re losing two great players in Aquanitaand Blair. We’re going to miss them a big deal. We’ve just got to start from today and be better in the off-season. When our freshmen come in, we’ve got to get them on the same page and just keep listening to Coach because we’ve been successful this season, and we will be more successful next season.