Kansas 82, Prairie View 70: Postgame Quotes

March 17, 2010

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Postgame Notes

Kansas 82, Prairie View A&M 70

March 17, 2010

Kansas Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson

On the play of center Krysten Boogaard:

“What I think is most impressive is just how mature she has been and how much she’s prepared herself to, given the circumstances, to come in and contribute, play well and be aggressive. The guards did a great job of making good decisions to throw it to her; she did a great job of getting deep and finishing and getting a couple of and-ones. It’s nice to have two fives. I’ve talked to both Carolyn (Davis) and Krysten; this is as good as we’ve been at that position since I’ve been here, along with the quality of play they both bring.”

On how the team prepared for PVAMU, knowing that the Jayhawks had a significant size advantage:

“We felt like, and we talked about during the first day of prep, of how we felt that was our biggest advantage, to go inside and play in the paint. To go through Krysten, and if she needed to be able to kick it out to make ourselves available, we felt like that was our advantage. We were good on the perimeter offensively and we had a size advantage. It felt like whatever they played defensively, we needed to be able to attack and play in the paint.”

On if they imagined Boogaard would score a career high 37 points against PVAMU:

“No coach ever thinks anybody is going to score 37 points, but she got deep and she finished. I felt like she was in good rhythm. I felt good because she worked early; she got in front of the rim and she caught everything to her and I liked the fact that we looked for her early. She shoots it well out of the gate, she’s more confident and everyone that’s throwing it to her is looking to find her because she’s shooting it that well.”

On what the team’s confidence level was entering this game:

“I think being able to talk about, and build off of, how exciting it was last year for us to be one of the few teams that is playing this time of year. We talked about it Sunday; after Sunday, this field is cut in half and half the men’s field is out, half the women’s field is out and it’s something special to be playing this late in the year and be in a situation where it’s one and done and in a tournament situation.”

On the health status of Carolyn Davis:

“We’re cautiously optimistic that she should be able to go on Sunday. We’re glad it’s Sunday and not any sooner. The good thing for us is that we’ve got two bigs that are pretty good.”

Junior Center Krysten Boogaard:

On starting the game:

“I knew I needed to fill some big shoes. Carolyn (Davis) has been playing well in the Big 12 Conference and I knew I needed to step up and bring what she brings to the floor.”

On scoring a career-high 37 points:

“I really wanted to win tonight. I really focused on the little things (Kansas head) Coach (Bonnie Henrickson) wanted me to do, like getting close to the rim and going to the boards. We just didn’t want to end on a six-game losing streak.”

On going 13-for-13 at the free throw line:

“It felt good. We’ve been working on free throws a lot in practice, and they’re a really important part of the game. It was just a great feeling for me.”

Senior Guard Sade Morris

On Boogaard’s performance at the line:

“At the end of practice everyday, she’s been getting extra time and shooting extra free throws, and now it’s showing.”

On bouncing back from six straight losses:

“We had to figure out a way to bounce back, to get our swagger back. Now, we can say we’re running for a championship, and not many teams can say that. Tonight we came out on fire to prove to people that we are in this thing to win it.”

Freshman Guard Monica Engelman

On the win and the WNIT tournament:

“We get to play in the WNIT, and me and a lot of my teammates want to do something special. We want to hang a banner in Allen Fieldhouse. I think we are all on the same page as far as our mentality.”

On Boogaard’s career night:

“She was awesome. She was on the boards, I could hear her a lot on defense. She crashed the boards, got offensive rebounds and put-backs and and-ones. I think the perimeter did a good job of finding her, too.”

Prairie View A&M Head Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke

On the game overall:

“We fought hard especially at the beginning in the first half. We came out with some confidence and intensity, but it’s hard to play against Kansas here. The Jayhawks play so hard for 40 minutes. It’s so hard to stay in a rhythm. We got out of rhythm, especially defensively. We allowed (Krysten) Boogaard to have her way with us underneath. She was very physical. She got excellent position and continued to do that through out the game. It was tough to stop. Overall I thought we fought hard, but that Jayhawks were just a little too much for us tonight.”

On the play of Kansas’ Krysten Boogaard:

“I’ve seen Boogaard play and I knew what she could do. I don’t think we were prepared for the intensity that she brought tonight. She maintained that level of intensity on both ends of the court all game long—that we weren’t prepared for. We’ve seen some video and we had our scouting report, but I don’t think we expected her to be such a factor in tonight’s game. She played extremely well.”

On what her team can take from this game:

“We can build on this. We have Latara Darrett coming back and she needed this experience. We have Dominique Smith coming back and we have a good recruiting class coming in. I think we’ll be ok. What we need to do is gain some confidence from this and recognize the fact that we can compete with other conferences. We can compete with Big 12 opponents and Big East opponents. We went down to Rutgers and only lost by two. We only lost by seven to Texas Tech. We need to start believing that we can win some of these games and get over that hump.”