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March 18, 2012

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Below is a transcript from KU’s postgame press conference:

First Round Postgame News Conference
March 18, 2012

HEAD COACH Bonnie Henrickson

Opening Statement
I was really proud of our kids. We showed some resolve and resiliency and got off to a good start from the tip and played to win. Then we held the lead and held the lead and I thought when we made mistakes they made us pay and good teams do. We met last night as a team and Carolyn was the one that said it that we have been watching film for the last couple days and it’s often not the guy that this is usually the leading scorer. Somebody else usually comes in and steps in and in my mind I thought that would be Chelsea and we actually put some plays back in that we would run for Carolyn to let Chelsea post up inside. We felt like there were a couple of matchups we felt like she could handle one-on-one, but the guy sitting next to Chelsea is the reason we are sitting here with big smiles on our face and having a lot of fun right now.

Angel was good and I know you thought I was crazy to leave her in with two fouls and its second time all year where she has picked up two early, but I trust her and her teammates trust her, although it was a little nervous when she reached in and took the ball. Maybe that was a little daring, but she is fearless.

Has does it feel to get the monkey off your back?
Well the monkey was on Monday, so I guess this is the second one to get here and get a win, but it is the same thing. We asked them today how excited they were on Monday and I said does anybody know what beats the feeling on Monday and they said win on Sunday and I said exactly.

How prepared was Chelsea for this game?
I told the staff we were going to put some of that stuff in that we ran for Carolyn because I think she can score inside and we have to be able to get something inside. It has been hard for her in our league, especially down the stretch. Not that she just wasn’t ready for that right away and I said to the staff she had six offensive rebounds against Texas A&M and that is pretty impressive in this league.

Would you have ever imagined Nebraska would go 1-for-19 from the 3-point line?
I’m mad that they got off 19 to be honest with you. I thought there were three in there where I was nervous, but a lot of them were rushed. In our league we play Iowa State, K-State and all the other teams that like to shoot the three and we talked about the success we had of never being in rhythm, never a cushion, everything rushed and speed the up.

How important is it to have your freshman have big games?
We talk about it as a team that the best thing you can give your team and your teammates and you’ll remember for the rest of your life is everything you have. You cheat them when you don’t. If I can look at you and give you everything I got that is the best gift and they’ve really embraced that.

Angel Goodrich

How much did you think you needed to be a little more selfish?
Well it wasn’t just this game I thought I needed to be a little more aggressive. It has been this whole season really. Me and Bonnie talked before the season about me needing to be more aggressive on the boards and attacking more.

What did you see on film that made you think you needed to be more aggressive?
They tried to cut the court on us and it was just all about being aggressive. Oklahoma tried to do that to us too and I just tried to find gaps and attack it.

What made you have the confidence to take a charge with two fouls?
I knew I had two fouls and like Bonnie said it was a little daring, but I don’t want to change my game up because I have two fouls. I still want to be aggressive and do what I want to do and taking charges is one of the things I do.

Chelsea Gardner

Have you ever had a game where nobody could contest you?
Bonnie told me tonight that I might have a chance to work hard underneath the basket and get more open shots.

What does a game this like this mean for your confidence?
I gained confidence all night. I just came out and felt that I needed to step up more if I wanted to contribute and I did.

How has Carolyn (Davis) helped you?
When I came out Carolyn was motivating me and telling me what she saw from the bench.