Kansas Falls in Season Opener at Texas

March 25, 2006

<?xml:namespace prefix=”st1″ ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”?>AUSTIN, Texas – <?xml:namespace prefix=”o” ns=”urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”?>

The Kansas rowing team opened its spring season today in Austin against the Texas Longhorns and Cincinnati Bearcats. Kansas participated in six races including three Novice Eight races and three Varsity races. Despite incredible effort, the Longhorns swept Kansas in all six races it competed in.

In the First Varsity Eight race, Texas came away with a first place time of 7:06.9, followed by Kansas with a time of 7:16.6 and Cincinnati in third with 7:43.5. In the Second Varsity Eight race, Kansas came in second with a time of 7:36.9, which was close to Texas’ time of 7:20.0. The First Varsity Four saw Kansas beat Cincinnati’s time of 8:28.7 with a time of 8:26.1, but missed Texas’ 8:06.2.

In the Novice Races, Kansas again earned second and third place finishes. In the First Novice Eight race, Kansas notched a time of 7:22.0. Texas took the top spot with 7:05.0. Cincinnati came in third with a time of 7:40.5. Texas took the Second Novice Eight race with a time of 7:15.3, while the Jayhawks finished in 7:43.1. Kansas came in third, behind two Texas boats in the Third and Fourth Novice Eight race with a time of 8:08.5.

“This was a good first race for us,” head coach Rob Catloth said. “Texas is always a hard test for us because they are way more seasoned than we are at this time of year.The races taught the new novice kids to push a lot harder. We are now ready to get going and prepare for our home races.”

The Jayhawks will return to Lawrence to host Tulsa and Drake on April 1, 2005.


Third and Fourth Novice Eight

  1. Texas 7:26.8
  2. Texas 7:38.9
  3. KANSAS 8:08.5

Second Novice Eight

  1. Texas 7:15.3
  2. KANSAS 7:43.1

First Novice Eight

  1. Texas 7:05.0
  2. KANSAS 7:22.0
  3. Cincinnati 7:40.5

First Varsity Four

  1. Texas 8:06.2
  2. KANSAS 8:26.1

  3. Cincinnati 8:28.7

Second Varsity Eight

  1. Texas 7:20.0
  2. KANSAS 7:36.9

  3. Cincinnati 7:38.2

First Varsity Eight

  1. Texas 7:06.9
  2. KANSAS 7:16.6

  3. Cincinnati 7:43.5