Kansas Travels to Texas for Spring Opener

March 27, 2008

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Kansas rowing will make its 2008 debut Saturday in Austin against the Texas Longhorns on the Lady Bird Lake. The first race is set to begin at 9 a.m. with the Third Novice Eight and will end following the conclusion of the First Varsity Eight race at approximately 10:30 a.m.

“This race will be a big challenge,” said head coach Rob Catloth. “It’s like baseball, the northern teams are at an early disadvantage because of the weather. Texas has been able to be out on the water earlier than we have been. And Texas looks to be really fast.”

Texas is coached by Carie Graves, who is in her ninth season as the Longhorn leader. Texas has competed in four regattas this season, including impressive performances in the Longhorn Invitational a weekend ago.

Last year, Texas defeated KU in the Big 12 Invitational by nine points. Despite the overall defeat, Kansas won the Varsity Four race, and fell to the Longhorns by only four seconds in the First Varsity Eight race–the event’s marquee event.

“Our goal is to start the season with the best race we can,” said Catloth. “We’ve made a lot of improvement since the fall. I’m pleased with the progress, but until we race, I’m not sure how that will translate into competitions.”

The Jayhawks last saw live action on November 10, 2007 when Kansas State defeated KU 16-9 in a fall duel.

For complete results following this weekend’s action, please check back with kuathletics.com. The schedule and boatings are listed below.

Kansas at Texas
Saturday, March 29

First Varsity Eight – 10:15 a.m.
Katie Brosious (Coxswain)
Lindsey Lawrence
Katie Beall
Emily Martin
Carrie Selden
Melanie Luthi
Hailee Jones
Kara Boston
Alia Bober

Second Varsity Eight – 10 a.m.
Lexie Peterson (Coxswain)
Stacy Rachow
Megan Heacock
Kaitlin Squier
Amber Bortz
Brianna Flickinger
Abby Green
Kristin Deckert
Elisheva Patterson

Second Novice Eight – 9:45 a.m.
Erika Raschke (Coxswain)
Kate Wiens
Julia Guard
Kelsey Simpson
Brittany Francis
Nicole Schneider
Jessica Sadler
Monica Reynolds
Megan Foster
Emily Martin

Varsity Four – 9:30 a.m.
Sarah Best (Coxswain)
Kahheetah Barnoskie
Becca Labat
Erika Fisher
Brittany Belford

First Novice Eight – 9: 15 a.m.
Elise Langtry (Coxswain)
Meaghan Oven
Inga Schuchard
Jenny Robb
Denise Orloff
Lauren Pollmiller
Cassie Sparks
Rachelle Pauly
Allison Able

Third Novice Eight – 9 a.m.
Michael Bergsten (Coxswain)
Monica Reynolds
Cissy Orzulak
Kristen Allison
Caitlin Roach
Melissa Hersh
Kelli Roy
Rachel Werner
Roxy Toledo