Postgame Quotes

March 30, 2010


Postgame Quotes

Kansas 9, Arkansas-Little Rock 8

March 30, 2010 – Lawrence, Kan.

Kansas Head Coach Ritch Price

On the game:

“I was disappointed early in the game. We had the bases loaded three times and did not score. We had an opportunity early to put some runs of the board that we did not take advantage of. They walked eight guys in four innings and we only had four runs as a result of it.”

On his teams clutch performance at the end of the game:

“I paid the guys a great compliment at the end of the game. They rebounded like a Top 25 ball club. We had a chance to come from behind late, our best players were at the plate and those guys clutched up and got it done for us. They found a way to win a 9-8 game that we could have easily lost.”

On the starting pitching:

“Our starting pitching has to improve, there is no doubt about it. Thomas Taylor is too talented not to be able to finish hitters off who have two strikes (on them). He has got to improve his breaking ball and the command of his fastball when he is ahead in the count. He also hit two guys (with two strikes). Those things set the table for you to leave the game behind, which was the case for us. We need him to take that next step and be a productive guy that we can count on, but today I was disappointed.”

Kansas senior second baseman Robby Price

On having confidence late in the game:

“I think we have confidence, but at the same time a lot of guys are seeing the ball pretty well and putting good swings on it. When you contribute and put good at bats up back-to-back that is the only way that you can come back from these deficits. It seems like every guy in the lineup is grinding out at bats and making it tough for the opposition to get us out. That is the only way you can come back.”

On his great play lately:

“I am seeing the ball really well and have a lot of confidence in myself and my swing. I feel really good about my approach. (I feel) like the pitcher can’t get me out (right now), and that’s a good feeling. Every hitter goes through peaks and valleys; right now it is definitely a peak. Hopefully I can just keep it going.”