Updated 12/11


All staff members of Kansas Athletics are provided with individually assigned keys/accesscodes to their specific office areas and to specific building entry doors. Keys and buildingaccess assignment areas are controlled by Kansas Athletics and the office of Facilities and EventServices and the Associate Athletics Director – Operations. Under no circumstances are keys orcodes issued to individuals to be shared with others.

For security and personal safety reasons, all employees are encouraged to lock their offices and,when appropriate, exterior building doors upon leaving or while working after regular hours.

Key Issuance and Control

Requests for keys should be submitted in writing or via e-mail to the Facilities and EventServices Office. Once approved, keys must be picked up in the Facilities and Event ServicesOffice by the assigned key holder. The key holder must sign for keys that are issued to him/her and assume the responsibility for safekeeping and return of all KAI keys when employmentceases. All keys must be returned by the key holder at the individual’s exit interview withHuman Resources upon termination of employment at KAI. Failure to return assigned keys willresult in charges to the key holder for replacement/rekey costs. Should charges not be paid bythe employee, Kansas Athletics may file a police report with the KU Public Safety Office for thereturn of any keys.

All keys are number coded to identify the person to whom they have been issued. Lost or stolenkeys should be reported immediately to the Facilities and Events Services Office. Key holderswill be held responsible for all required rekey costs.

All part-time and/or student staff will be required to pay a deposit of $50.00 prior todepartmental keys being issued. The deposit will be returned to the key holder when keys issuedhave been returned to the Facilities and Event Services Office. Key deposits will not be returnedif keys are not returned AND key holder will be held responsible for rekey costs.

Key audits are done when the key holder’s employment terminates with KAI and/or everyfour years. During the audit the employee will be notified that audit sessions are scheduled forhis/her work unit and the employee will be required to bring all keys issued to him/her to theFacilities and Event Services Office for auditing purposes.

Access Code Issuance and Control

Kansas Athletics promotes the security of student-athletes, staff and our facilities by providingelectronic code access for buildings and other area entryways. Individual codes will be assignedby the Facilities and Event Services Office upon notification by department heads of specificwork units or sports. Each individual will be assigned a personal access code which should bekept confidential and not shared. Sharing of individual codes can compromise the safety andsecurity of student-athletes, staff and buildings.

Upon termination of employment by individuals not only will keys be returned, individual accesscodes will be deleted and access will be denied to all areas of KAI.