Updated 07/05


Kansas Athletics operates its own computer network to facilitate centralization of information within the Department. The computer system is designed to be operated by Kansas Athletics staff with basic computer training, as appropriate for their areas of responsibility. The Director of Information Systems, in conjunction with the Information Systems Staff, is responsible for maintaining and enhancing Kansas Athletics computer network, as necessary. Kansas Athletics will purchase PC’s instead of MAC’s for a variety of reasons (cost, maintenance, continuity etc.).

Athletic System

The Information Systems Office is responsible for maintaining Kansas Athletics network system, including handling daily backups, server installation and maintenance, setup of work stations and printers, installation of software programs and general troubleshooting. Individual units and printers are located throughout Kansas Athletics as necessary for the most efficient use and application of the system.

Software Applications

The Director of Information Systems should be contacted prior to the purchase of any computer software package. The Director of Information Systems is responsible for analyzing all software for compatibility with the hardware or software system, insuring proper software licensure and application, as well as the avoidance of program duplications.

The software applications utilized within the network system include but are not limited to:

  • Word Processing;
  • Spread Sheets;
  • Data Base;
  • Football Game Analysis;
  • Medical Sports Injury Reporting;
  • Game Statistics;
  • Ticketing;
  • Donor Data Base;
  • E-mail;
  • Recruiting Software

Computer Hardware Purchases

The Director of Information Systems is responsible for reviewing all computer hardware orders prior to their purchase, in order to insure that all hardware is network-compatible and that purchases are within the existing expansion plan and appropriated budget. Final approval rests with the Sports Supervisor or the Athletics Director.

Computer Access

To ensure the integrity of the information processed and stored by Kansas Athletics computer system, a strict computer access control and security check system has been implemented. Access to the server is available by a log-on-name and password system. There is no master list of passwords, but the administrator may change any aspect of a user’s account, including passwords. Specific portions of the system are restricted to authorized personnel only and are not made readily available to the general staff. These portions of the system are protected by menu limitations and additional security levels.


To protect the integrity of the information stored in Kansas Athletics computer system, authorized users are to keep their assigned passwords confidential. Passwords are not to be left in view, near a terminal or printer. Passwords are required to be at least 7 characters, containing a number and uppercase letter. Should an authorized user feel that his/her password has been compromised or is being used by others, the employee’s supervisor should be notified. The Director of Athletics, in conjunction with the Director of Information Systems, evaluates the situation and determines the course of action to be taken.


Individuals wishing to receive training should contact the Director of Information Systems for additional information.

System Problems

All computer problems, including logging onto the network or running software within the system, should be referred to the Director of Information Systems, or in his absence, a member of the Information Systems Office.

Problems with computer printers are also to be referred to the Information Systems Office, who will contact the approved service representative.